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Infracoders Graz Meetup: Compliance Automation with InSpec and Chef Automate

The first Infracoders/DevOps/CloudNative Meetup after the summer break took place on the 11th of September, 2018 in Graz. About 15 Infracoders were excited

Womenintech Part 8: Docker Swarm - How to create a minimal cluster running a service using VirtualBox

Introduction This blog post covers the topic Docker Swarm and how to create a minimal cluster running a Nginx service. Normally, a Docker Swarm consists of

Infracoders Graz Meetup: Aurora WP - Highest Flexibility and Automation for Managed WordPress Hosting

Karl Kowald, Managing Director of Lorem Ipsum web.solutions GmbH, gave a presentation on Aurora WP at the last Infracoders / DevOps / CloudNative Meetup with

Womenintech Part 7: Docker for beginners - Creating an own Docker Image

Introduction This post is about Docker, how to build an own image and launch a container by running this image. Cheatsheet Docker What is Docker? In general,

Womenintech Part 6: How To Use The Serverless Framework And What’s The Difference To OpenFaaS

Introduction As part of my Bachelor Thesis “Serverless Architectures”, my boss Edmund wanted to support me and assigned me the task to implement a serverless

Womenintech Part 3: First Steps With Ruby And Chef

Ruby After my first steps in programming with Ruby, I was assigned to write a program for our company to automate a process. The task I should automate, takes

Infracoders Graz Hands-On: Habitat

Michael Ducy, Director of Product Marketing at Chef demonstrated in this hands-on session how Habitat helps to simplify the processes required to build, deploy,

Infracoders Graz Meetup: Habitat

The time has passed quickly and our third Infracoders Meetup in 2017 took place on the 27th of June in the Aula X Space, Graz. Although the hot temperatures

Womenintech Part 2: My Journey Continues

Next stops Git, Gitlab, Ruby, Rspec and Cucumber To get into the workflow of our company, I started learning how to use Git. So, I started with the basics,

Womenintech Part 1: Becoming An IT Employee

My name is Miriam Grainer, I’m 24 years old and I live in Graz. I’m an information management student at FH Joanneum and started working for the company

Infracoders Graz Meetup: Keep InfraCode Simple with Ansible

The second Infracoders Meetup was also held in the Aula X Space, in Eggenberg, and took place on the 11th of April, 2017. About 18 attendees learned a lot about

Infracoders Graz Meetup: Bots are taking my job, so I started rollin' my own

The revival of the Infracoders Graz Meetup group took place on the 21st of February 2017 at the Aula X Space in Eggenberg, Graz. About 30 Infracoders listened

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