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Leveraging OpenTelemetry to Enhance Ansible with Jaeger Tracing

Leveraging OpenTelemetry to Enhance Ansible with Jaeger Tracing In today's complex IT environments, system administrators and DevOps teams are constantly

Useful links about Kubernetes

Introduction We have collected some useful and interesting links about Kubernetes for you. How etcd works with and without Kubernetes Learn how Kubernetes uses

Interesting articles about Kubernetes

Introduction We have collected different articles about Kubernetes for you. Introduction to k3d: Run K3s in Docker k3d is a small program made for running a K3s with HashiCorp Packer in Gitlab CICD

What is mondoo mondoo is brought to you by the team who gave you InSpec and the DevSec Project with a passion to make IT operations human readable and

HashiCorp Vault setup SSH Authentication with Ansible and Terraform

Most HashiCorp Vault tutorials - even those from HashiCorp - use the commandline tools or even just curl to configure HashiCorp Vault. But do we want to use

Stay tuned about Kubernetes

Introduction In this Link RoundUp you will find some interesting posts about Kubernetes and all the topics which come around. Introducing Structured Logs

Interested in Kubernetes?

Introduction We have collected three articles with the topic Kubernetes for you. Infra As Code — Terraform (4) Deploy Kubernetes Dashboard and Jenkins App In my

News in the field of Containers

Introduction Stay up to date with this Link RoundUp about Containers. A Practical Guide to Choosing between Docker Containers and VMs Docker, Kubernetes, and

Stay tuned about Kubernetes

Introduction In this Link RoundUp you will find some interesting posts about Kubernetes and all the topics which come around. Make Kubernetes Essential to Your

Changelog Automation within Gitlab

Changelog Automation within Gitlab As a developer it is not your favorite duty to write changelogs according to the tagging which was done in a code repository.

Cloud Native Bootcamp

Dive into the world of DevOps, Source Control Management, CI/CD and Containers.

Cloud Native Essentials

This is an introduction to Kubernetes, an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.


Analyse the current state of your services.

Terraform with Terratest in Gitlab Pipeline

Terraform with terratest in Gitlab pipeline With terraform Cloud and terraform Enterprise you are enabled now to us your custom modules in a way that all in

Kubernetes Link Roundup

Introduction Have a look at these links to learn more about Kubernetes and all the topics which come around. Kubernetes Patterns : The Service Discovery

Interesting links about Kubernetes

Introduction Kubernetes is in all mouth and we have collected five interesting links to help you staying at the edge of technology. Virtual Machine

Interesting posts about Kubernetes

Introduction In this link roundup you find different interesting posts about Kubernetes, for example how to implement "Preview Environments" on Kubernetes with

Tips and Tricks about Kubernetes

Introduction No matter if you are already using Kubernetes or are planning to use it. We have collected some tips and tricks for you. 7 Key Considerations for

Get a first insight into Kubernetes

Introduction The open source platform Kubernetes automates containerized services and workloads. In this link roundup you find a how-to blog post, takeaways

Kubernetes all over the Web

News from Introducing Volume Snapshot Alpha for Kubernetes Author: Jing Xu (Google) Xing Yang (Huawei), Saad Ali (Google) Kubernetes v1.12

Automate your Container Operations with Kubernetes

News from How to deploy Kubernetes on your laptop - Superuser Meet Minikube, a way to run a single-node Kubernetes cluster inside a VM.

Interested in Kubernetes?

The Latest News from the Kubernetes Blog Developing on Kubernetes - Kubernetes Developing on Kubernetes Zero-downtime Deployment in Kubernetes with Jenkins -

Automate Container Operations with Kubernetes

The Kubernetes Blog Reporting Errors from Control Plane to Applications Using Kubernetes Events The official Kubernetes blog. Core Workloads API GA The official

Cloud Native with Habitat

The Official Blog Packaging a .Net Windows Service Application This post will demonstrate how to package a .Net Windows service application using

Containerized Applications With Kubernetes

Tips and tricks takes the pain out of Kubernetes deployment There are a lot of differences between OpenStack and Kubernetes, but one thing they

Lab with Kubernetes and Traefik on Raspberry

Install then base OS install the flash tool GitHub - hypriot/flash: Command line script to flash SD card images of any kind 1curl -O

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