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Interesting articles about AWS

Introduction We have collected different articles about AWS for you. Serving dynamic website content with serverless architecture A serverless architecture can

Interesting posts about different topics

Introduction Stay up to date with this link collection about different topics. Orchestrating Zero Trust with Chef Desktop This blog summarizes key concepts of

Interesting posts from HashiCorp

Introduction Stay up to date with this Link RoundUp about HashiCorp. Announcing HashiCorp Terraform 1.0 General Availability Terraform 1.0 — now generally

Useful links about Kubernetes

Introduction We have collected some useful and interesting links about Kubernetes for you. How etcd works with and without Kubernetes Learn how Kubernetes uses

Interesting articles about Kubernetes

Introduction We have collected different articles about Kubernetes for you. Introduction to k3d: Run K3s in Docker k3d is a small program made for running a K3s

Interesting blog posts by Infralovers about different HashiCorp tools

Introduction Have a look at the blog posts by our team members and how they use the HashiCorp stack. HashiCorp Vault SSH Authentication with Signed Public Keys

Interesting posts about different topics

Introduction Stay up to date with this Link RoundUp about different topics. Announcing HashiCorp Terraform 0.15 General Availability Terraform 0.15 delivers a

Useful links about AWS

Introduction We have collected some useful and interesting links about AWS for you. Reduce Unwanted Traffic on Your Website with New AWS WAF Bot Control |

Interesting news about Chef

Introduction We have collected some useful and interesting links about Chef for you. Chef is Now a Part of Progress - Chef Blog I can’t wait to see what

Stay informed about HashiCorp and all the topics that come around

Introduction In this Link RoundUp you will find some interesting posts about the HashiCorp stack. HashiCorp Boundary: A Whiteboard Video with Armon Dadgar Watch

Stay tuned about Kubernetes

Introduction In this Link RoundUp you will find some interesting posts about Kubernetes and all the topics which come around. Introducing Structured Logs

Useful links about AWS

Introduction We have collected different blog posts from AWS for you to stay up to date. Advice for customers dealing with Docker Hub rate limits, and a Coming

Four interesting blog posts from AWS

Introduction Stay up to date with this Link RoundUp about AWS. A public data lake for COVID-19 research and development — Amazon Web Services The AWS COVID-19

Interested in Kubernetes?

Introduction We have collected three articles with the topic Kubernetes for you. Infra As Code — Terraform (4) Deploy Kubernetes Dashboard and Jenkins App In my

Stay informed about Chef

Introduction We have collected four useful and interesting links about Chef for you. Configuring knife using Knife Profiles Just completed the Configuring knife

Stay informed about HashiCorp and all the topics that come around

Introduction In this Link RoundUp you will find interesting posts about Terraform and Vault. Automated Terraform Deployments to AWS with Github Actions We’ve

Interesting blog posts from our team member Martin

Introduction Have a look at four interesting blog posts by our team member Martin about Changelog Automation within GitLab, Terraform with Terratest and more.

Interesting news about AWS

Introduction We have collected different blog posts from AWS for you to stay up do date. How to integrate AWS Lambda with Spinnaker | Amazon Web Services In

News in the field of Containers

Introduction Stay up to date with this Link RoundUp about Containers. A Practical Guide to Choosing between Docker Containers and VMs Docker, Kubernetes, and

Stay tuned about Kubernetes

Introduction In this Link RoundUp you will find some interesting posts about Kubernetes and all the topics which come around. Make Kubernetes Essential to Your

Useful links about Chef

Introduction We have collected some useful and interesting links about Chef for you. Actionable Insights with Chef Automate & ServiceNow - Chef Blog To be

Five Blog Posts about Docker

Introduction Stay up to date with this Docker Link Roundup. Docker Explained – An Introductory Guide To Docker - DZone Cloud This article serves as an

HashiCorp Link Roundup

Introduction We have collected some interesting links about the HashiCorp stack for you. Continuous Integration for Terraform Modules with GitHub Actions

Interesting links about AWS

Introduction Have a look at these links to stay up to date about AWS and all the topics which come around. Improve Your App Testing With Amplify Console’s Pull

Kubernetes Link Roundup

Introduction Have a look at these links to learn more about Kubernetes and all the topics which come around. Kubernetes Patterns : The Service Discovery

Stay up to date about Chef

Introduction We have collected different links about Chef for you to stay up to date. Protect Yourself From the RubyGems Backdoor by InSpec’ing Your Fleet -

4 Blog Posts about AWS

Introduction We have collected four blog posts about AWS for you. New – Port Forwarding Using AWS System Manager Session Manager

HashiCorp Link RoundUp

Introduction We have collected three links about the HashiCorp tools Nomad, Vault, Consul and Terraform for you. Distributed Configuration Management With

Interesting links about Kubernetes

Introduction Kubernetes is in all mouth and we have collected five interesting links to help you staying at the edge of technology. Virtual Machine

News in the field of Source Control Management

Introduction Check out what is new in the world of GitHub and GitLab. GitHub gets a CI/CD service – TechCrunch

Stay up do date about Serverless

Introduction Stay up do date with this Serverless Link RoundUp. 5 ways to manage serverless secrets, ranked best to worst | TechBeacon Traditional methods for

Interesting posts about Kubernetes

Introduction In this link roundup you find different interesting posts about Kubernetes, for example how to implement "Preview Environments" on Kubernetes with

News about Chef and Habitat

Introduction This Chef and Habitat link roundup contains links about the new Chef Infra Client release and examples how to use Chef Habitat on Windows. AWS

Useful Links about Serverless

Introduction Serverless is in all mouth and we have collected four interesting articles to help you staying at the edge of technology. Serverless vs.

4 Blog Posts about Source Control Management

Introduction We have collected four blog posts about Source Control Management for you. 4 Successful examples of application modernization To achieve legacy

Azure Link RoundUp

Introduction Microsoft Azure is a cloud-computing platform for Software Engineers. Check out the following blog posts to learn more about it. Azure Functions

CI/CD with Jenkins, Spinnaker and CircleCI

Introduction Continuous integration and continuous deployment help you to avoid mistakes and safe time. That is why we have collected blog posts about Jenkins,

Docker and What You Need to Know About it

Introduction Containers are taking the world by storm. We have collected four useful links about Docker for you. Check them out. Learn Enough Docker to be

OpenStack Link RoundUp

Introduction You can join the next Open Infrastructure Summit to stay up to date about the IoT and everything about the cloud. In the meanwhile you can inform

Stay up to date about Ruby on Rails

Introduction Ruby on Rails is written in Ruby and a server-side web application framework. Check out the lastest news, the most popular repositories on GitHub,

Tips and Tricks about Kubernetes

Introduction No matter if you are already using Kubernetes or are planning to use it. We have collected some tips and tricks for you. 7 Key Considerations for

Tips and Tricks about Serverless

Introduction Serverless is in all mouth and we have collected four interesting articles to help you staying at the edge of technology. Four Techniques

Useful Links about Chef, InSpec and Habitat

Introduction With Chef you can automate all your technology. With InSpec you can run automated tests and Habitat is all about building, deploying and managing

Amazon Web Services Link RoundUp

Introduction Have a look at this links to learn more about Amazon Web Services and all the topics which come around. 3 Tips to Control the Cost of AWS Lambda

Interested in Git and GitHub?

Introduction Git and GitHub can simplify your life. Check out why and improve your skills with some tips and tricks. Follow these simple rules and you’ll become

Posts about different CI/CD tools

Introduction Jenkins, Spinnaker, CircleCI are just some of the Continuous Integration / Continuous Development tools. MPL - Modular Pipeline Library The modular

Ruby is one of the most spread Programming Languages

Introduction Ruby is one of our favourite programming languages. That's why we have collected some blog posts with tips and tricks about Ruby. What is A Matrix

Tips and Tricks for Amazon Web Services

Introduction With Amazon Web Services you can scale and grow you business. Check out what you need to know about AWS and some tips and tricks. How to become an

Docker is in all mouth

Introduction Do you really know what it is? Or maybe you need some tips and tricks or want to stay up to date about new features? We have collected the perfect

Gain some insights into Microsoft Azure

Introduction Read about hybrid applications, different clouds and gain some insights into Microsoft Azure. Clouds Compared — AWS vs Azure vs GCP A comparison of

Get a first insight into Kubernetes

Introduction The open source platform Kubernetes automates containerized services and workloads. In this link roundup you find a how-to blog post, takeaways

OpenStack and some of its projects

Introduction The OpenStack community is growing steadily and also the number of projects is increasing. Inform yourself about Kata, Swift, the Rocky release and

Tips and Tricks for Serverless

Introduction Do you want to know why startups often use Serverless and if it's advantageous to run Kubernetes on Serverless applications? What is Serverless and

Stay tuned about Chef, Habitat and Inspec

Introduction The Link-Roundup about Chef, Habitat and InSpec includes a blog post to get a general overview of what Infrastructure as Code is. We also added

CI/CD with CircleCI, Jenkins and Spinnaker

CircleCI Tools for effective pairing I have done somewhere in the range of 150 phone screens this year. Doubling your engineering organization means talking to

Stay Informed about Serverless

News from Use Cloudflare Workers + Serverless Framework to add reliability and uptime to your FaaS Cloudflare Workers integrates with the

Tips and Tricks about Go and Ruby

Go on Building real-time messaging server in Go – Alexander Emelin – Medium This story is a write-up after my talk at about Centrifugo. Some

Kubernetes all over the Web

News from Introducing Volume Snapshot Alpha for Kubernetes Author: Jing Xu (Google) Xing Yang (Huawei), Saad Ali (Google) Kubernetes v1.12

Microsoft Azure: Cloud Computing Platform

News from How developers can get started with building AI applications In recent years, we have seen a leap in practical AI innovations

News about Docker at a Glance

News from Docker Certified Containers from Monitoring Partners - Docker Blog The Docker Certified Technology Program is designed for ecosystem

Scale and grow your business with AWS

News from Working with dependency injection in .NET Standard: inject your AWS clients – part 1 | Amazon Web Services Dependency injection (DI) is

The Latest News about Chef and Habitat

News from Habitat® and Chef® Automate for Applications - Chef Blog With Chef Automate for Applications, our enterprise Habitat offering that is now

Automate your Container Operations with Kubernetes

News from How to deploy Kubernetes on your laptop - Superuser Meet Minikube, a way to run a single-node Kubernetes cluster inside a VM.

AWS at a Glance

News from the AWS Blog How to use Amazon GuardDuty and AWS Web Application Firewall to automatically block suspicious hosts | Amazon Web Services When you’re

Chef - Infrastructure as Code

News from Deploy Applications with HPE OneSphere and Chef Automate - Chef Blog You can take advantage of the integration between HPE OneSphere and

GitHub and Git - Tips and Tricks

News from Optimizing your open source project with GitHub Apps Automate away some of the pain points in your open source projects with these

Interested in OpenStack?

News from Inside the latest edition of "Learning OpenStack Networking" - Superuser The third edition offers updates on load

Microsoft Azure - The Open Cloud Computing Platform

Enhance your DevSecOps practices with Azure Security Center’s newest playbooks Cloud-hosted workloads offer excellent scalability, ease of deployment, and

News about Jenkins

News from Accelerate with Jenkins X Jenkins is an open source automation server Remoting Kafka Plugin 1.0: A new method to connect agents Jenkins is

Python - One of our Favourite Programming Languages

News from Documenting Python Code: A Complete Guide – Real Python A complete guide to documenting Python code. Whether you're documenting a

Stay informed about Docker

Docker on Medium Docker Tutorial: Containers, VMs, and Docker for Beginners Original Article Posted Here :

Stay up to Date about Serverless

News from Using SQS with AWS Lambda and Serverless Get started with Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Serverless, and learn some of the important

Chef and Habitat

News from the Blog A Look at Deploying an Icinga2 Server with Chef Cookbooks - Chef Blog Walk through a deployment using four Icinga 2 cookbooks to see

Which Programming Language to use?

Programming Languages Overview How to Choose a Programming Language Choosing a programming language can be a major hurdle because people lack the information

Building and Managing Cloud Computing Platforms with OpenStack

News from the Opensource Blog Highlights from the OpenStack project teams gathering A few weeks back in Dublin, Ireland, OpenStack engineers gathered from

Check out what's going on about Azure

News from the Azure Blog Explore Build 2018 content with playlists Use playlists of Build content to discover our top picks for the most relevant sessions,

Interested in Kubernetes?

The Latest News from the Kubernetes Blog Developing on Kubernetes - Kubernetes Developing on Kubernetes Zero-downtime Deployment in Kubernetes with Jenkins -

Links about Serverless at a Glance

News from the Serverless Blog Fn Project brings containerized, cloud-agnostic functions to a cloud near you The Fn Project is an open source, container-native

Stay up to Date about Docker

What is New on the Docker Blog? Introducing Play with Kubernetes - Docker Blog Every month for the last year, thousands of people have used Play with Docker and

Stay Informed About AWS

News from the AWS Blog AWS AppSync – Production-Ready with Six New Features | Amazon Web ServicesIf you build (or want to build) data-driven web and mobile apps

Already heard about Serverless?

Serverless on Medium Serverless isn't the Evolution of Compute - Serverless Zone I've been banging on for ages about how Serverless is the evolution of compute,

Automate Container Operations with Kubernetes

The Kubernetes Blog Reporting Errors from Control Plane to Applications Using Kubernetes Events The official Kubernetes blog. Core Workloads API GA The official

Automate your IT Infrastructure with Chef

News from Migrating your Chef Server with knife-ec-backup and knife-tidy - Chef Blog Your guide for the easiest way to get all of your Chef data moved

AWS - Amazon Web Services

News from AWS Deploy an Amazon ECS Cluster Running Windows Server with AWS Tools for PowerShell - Part 1 | Amazon Web Services This is a guest post from Trevor

Cloud Native with Habitat

The Official Blog Packaging a .Net Windows Service Application This post will demonstrate how to package a .Net Windows service application using

Docker in the WWW Docker for Mac with Kubernetes - Docker Blog You heard about it at DockerCon Europe and now it is here: we are proud to announce that Docker for

Expand your Knowledge about Chatbots

Chatbots - The Beginners Guide Chatbots - The Beginners Guide - Chatbots Magazine If you search for chatbots on Google, you'll probably come across hundreds of

Git, Gilab and GitHub: Tips and Tricks

Git NDP Software :: Git Cheatsheet Interactive Git Cheatsheet, categorizing commands based on what they affect. Oh, shit, git! Git is hard: screwing up is easy,

Go and Ruby Tips and Tricks

Go moovweb/gvm gvm - Go Version Manager Go 1.10 is released - The Go Blog Happy Friday, happy weekend! Today the Go team is happy to announce the release of Go

Microsoft Azure in all Mouth

Azure on GitHub Azure/azure-quickstart-templates azure-quickstart-templates - Azure Quickstart Templates Azure on Microsoft acquires Avere

Open Source Software: OpenStack

OpenStack and Kubernetes OpenStack and Kubernetes Better Together - OpenStack Blog for VMware Virtual machines and containers are two of my favorite

Test Automation with Jenkins

Jenkins and Kubernetes Jenkins declarative pipelines with Kubernetes Deploy Jenkins using Helm, create Jenkins declarative pipelines and execute builds in

Container With Docker

News from the official Docker blog Docker Official Images are now Multi-platform - Docker Blog This past week, Docker rolled out a big update to our Official

Containerized Applications With Kubernetes

Tips and tricks takes the pain out of Kubernetes deployment There are a lot of differences between OpenStack and Kubernetes, but one thing they

Go And Ruby

Go Creating serverless Slack commands in minutes with Go & Up This post walks through the creation of a serverless Slack command written in Golang, and deployed

Inform Yourself About Habitat

News about Habitat Application Automation with Habitat and Kubernetes - Chef Blog Habitat, Chef's next generation application automation framework, provides a

News About Microsoft Azure On Several Platforms

The Microsoft Azure blog Monitor Azure services and applications using Grafana Today, we are excited to introduce the Grafana plugin for Azure Monitor and

Openstack Cloud Software

Tips and tricks OpenStack basics: An overview for the absolute beginner - OpenStack Superuser Ben Silverman, author of "OpenStack for Architects," gets newbies

Source Control Management

Git An Introduction to Managing Secrets Safely with Version Control Systems | DigitalOcean Version control software (VCS) is an essential part of most modern

Start Into 2018 With ChatBots

Trends for 2018 Five Trends for Voice Assistants in 2018 - Chatbots Magazine It's going to be an interesting year... Since we've reached the end of one year,

Stay Informed About AWS

10 Lessons from 10 Years of AWS Slides from my talk at the first AWS Community Day in Bangalore The list is

Stay On The Cutting Edge With Serverless

News from Managing secrets, API keys and more with Serverless Use Lambda environment variables and AWS Parameter Store to handle configuration in

Stay Up To Date With This Chef Linklist

News from Migrating your Chef Server with knife-ec-backup and knife-tidy - Chef Blog Now is a great time to start thinking about deploying a new

Everyone Writes About ChatBots

ChatBots on 11 Best Uses of Chatbots Right Now - The Mission - Medium Chatbots can schedule meetings, tell you the weather, and provide customer

Git, GitLab, GitHub

GitLab How to automatically create a new MR on GitLab with GitLab CI At fleetster, we have our own instance of GitLab and we rely a lot on GitLab CI. How could

Automate Apps With Habitat

News from Running a Full Framework ASP.NET IIS application in Habitat First and foremost, we will not be creating Habitat packages for the .NET

Become A Chef Expert

Learn chef on Learn Chef Rally: New learning site for Chef practitioners - Chef Blog I'm excited to announce the launch of our new learning site for

Container Technology With Docker Docker Official Images are now Multi-platform - Docker Blog This past week, Docker rolled out a big update to our Official Images to make them

The Latest News About Kubernetes

Helpful information about Kubernetes Kubernetes The Hard Way Explained - Chapter 1 Kelsey Hightower's tutorial is the goto place for wannabe Kubernetes

Cloud Computing With OpenStack

News from Why Kubernetes, OpenStack and OPNFV are a match made in heaven - OpenStack Superuser Now's the time to forge an even closer

Interested In AWS? Check Out These Links!

Tips and Tricks from the AWS blog How to Use AWS Organizations to Automate End-to-End Account Creation | Amazon Web Services AWS Organizations offers new

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform

Azure combined with other technologies Announcing Chef Automate on Azure Stack - Chef Blog Today, we are excited to announce the availability of Chef Automate

Stay Informed About Jenkins

Which CI/CD tool to use? CI/CD Tools Comparison: Jenkins, GitLab CI, Buildbot, Drone, and Concourse | DigitalOcean Continuous integration, delivery, and

Are You Using Go And Ruby As Your Preferred Programming Languages?

Go Using Docker Multi-Stage Builds with GoJust Give Me the Code you go. Motivation Consider the following Dockerfile: FROM scratch ADD

Check Out These Kubernetes Tips And Tricks

Tips and Tricks What's new in Kubernetes 1.6 -- a focus on stabilityKubernetes 1.6 is forecast to be released this week. Major themes include new capabilities

Source Control Management With Git, GitLab, GitHub

Git Git 2.13 has been releasedThe open source Git project has just released Git 2.13.0, with features and bugfixes from over 65 contributors. Before we dig into

The Latest News About Jenkins

The latest news from Delivery pipelines, with Jenkins 2: how to promote Java EE and...Published on 2017-07-05 by Michael Hüttermann In a past blog

Chef's Open Source Framework For Application Automation: Habitat

Releases Habitat 0.25.0 ReleasedWe are happy to announce the release of Habitat 0.25.0. We have a number of new features as well as bug fixes, so please read on

Docker News And Tips All Around The Web

News from Build And Deploy Hybrid Applications In Azure Using Docker...Is your organization asking you to modernize a traditional app that uses old

Interested In Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

The latest news from the official AWS blog Protect Web Sites & Services Using Rate-Based Rules for AWS WAF...You can combine new Rate-based Rules with WAF

OpenStack - The Open Source Cloud Computing Software

The latest news about OpenStack What makes OpenStack relevant in a container-driven world -...Thierry Carrez, OpenStack's VP of engineering, provides his take

The Hype About ChatBots

The hype about ChatBots Why Chatbots Are the Future of Big Data - Jay - MediumAlmost exactly a year ago, Facebook launched the Messenger Platform, allowing

The Latest News About Chef

News from Achieving Windows Compliance with InSpec - Chef BlogThis blog post is a follow-up on our by Windows Compliance with InSpec webinar Joe

The Latest News From Amazon Web Services - AWS

AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) Supports Inline Swagger and AWS CloudFormation Intrinsic FunctionsThe AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) has

Become A Real Chef Pro

Chef Certification: What it is and how to do it - Chef BlogThe Chef Certification Program is an exciting opportunity to deliver more value for your organization

ChatOps: ChatBots On Medium

Contextual Chatbots with Tensorflow - Chatbots MagazineIn conversations, context is king! We'll build a chatbot framework using Tensorflow and add some context

Chef: The Latest Tips And tricks

Chef Automate now available in the Azure Marketplace - Chef BlogChef and Microsoft are excited to announce the general availability of Chef Automate in the

Jenkins: Tips And tricks

Delivery Pipelines, with Jenkins 2, SonarQube, and ArtifactoryPublished on 2017-04-18 by Michael Hüttermann Continuous Delivery and DevOps are well known and

Kubernetes On Medium And GitHub

Kubernetes Ingress - Jay Gorrell - MediumA lot of people seem confused about how Ingress works in Kubernetes and questions come up almost daily in Slack. It's

News From The AWS Blog

Launch: Amazon Athena adds support for Querying Encrypted Data | AWS BlogRemember to access my data in the S3 buckets from the Athena service, I must ensure

The Latest News About OpenStack

Users stand up, speak out, and deliver data on OpenStack growthLast week, the OpenStack Foundation the results of its ninth user survey . OpenStack users

The Latest News From Docker

Developing a Spring Boot app on Docker: The AtSea Demo App - Docker BlogThis is the first of a series of blog posts that demonstrates using Docker to develop a

The Latest News From The Kubernetes Blog

Kubernetes: a monitoring guideContainer technologies are taking the infrastructure world by storm. While containers solve or simplify infrastructure management

ChatOps On Medium

Continuous Integration of Cog... with Cog - Operable NewsWe've been building out our continuous integration (CI) pipelines lately and wanted to share a neat way

Chef: Updates From The Chef blog

Preparing for Chef Client 13 - Chef BlogOver the last year, we've adopted a monthly release cadence for Chef. This has served us well, giving our users (and our

Docker: Useful Tips

Habitat and Docker - Chef BlogEveryone knows how to Docker, right? Here is a typical scenario below. # Build an Image (docker) $ docker build -t

Docker: Useful Tips - Part 2

Introducing Docker Secrets Management - Docker BlogContainers are changing how we view apps and infrastructure. Whether the code inside containers is big or

Good To Know About OpenStack

What is OpenStack? The Basics, Part 1OpenStack. In an increasingly cloud-obsessed world, you've probably heard of it. Maybe you've read it's "one of the fastest

Jenkins On GitHub

(Declarative) Jenkins PipelinesTalk at the Mannheim Java User Group (MAJUG) Mannheim, 15.03.2017 Re-Introducing Jenkins: Automated Testing with Pipelines -

Kubernetes - Good To know

Why Kubernetes or How Giant Swarm Builds InfrastructureGiant Swarm's goal is to build the simplest platform to professionally host your distributed

The Latest News From Habitat

Habitat 101: An Introduction to Habitat - July 13, 2016Habitat is an open-source framework that gives modern application teams an application-centric automation

OpenStack: Tips And tricks

OpenStack under the radar - OpenStack SuperuserWe're all anxious to put 2016 to bed, but before we kick off 2017, it's worth recognizing some OpenStack stories

Kubernetes On GitLab And Medium

Using Kubernetes for Deployments - via @codeshipReading Time: 3 minutes Let's learn how to set up continuous deployment to Kubernetes for your Docker apps.

Stay Informed With The Latest News From Kubernetes

Fission: Serverless Functions as a Service for KubernetesFission can be installed with a `kubectl create` command: see the Editor's note: Today's post is by

Take Advantage Of AWS

Serverless Reference Architectures with AWS LambdaBuilding your applications with only managed components has become very popular, and AWS Lambda plays a

The Latest News From AWS

Database Migration-What Do You Need to Know Before You Start?Congratulations! You have convinced your boss or the CIO to move your database to the cloud. Or you

Use Jenkins And Save A Lot Of Time

Analyzing with SonarQube Scanner for JenkinsThis plugin lets you centralize the configuration of SonarQube server connection details in Jenkins global

What Is ChatOps? Useful Tips

What is ChatOps? A guide to its evolution and adoptionI am the product of AIM. I can hear that door swinging open and closed in my mind with absolute fidelity.

Automate Your Infrastructure With Chef

Chef at Parallels: Automate all the things!These are slides I used in my presentation on Tallinn DevOps Meetup at Nov 1, 2016

Chef's New Open Source Project: Habitat

Why Habitat? The Supervisor and Run Lifecyle - Chef BlogIn our previous posts, we talked about packaging your applications and compared results between

Docker And Kubernetes

Docker acquires Infinit: a new data layer for distributed applications - Docker BlogThe short version: Docker acquired a fantastic company called Infinit. Using

Automation With Jenkins

The Need For Speed: Building Pipelines To Be FasterResponse time is paramount for a CI/CD system. In this session, you will see how a few best practices in

Infos From Amazon Web Services

AWS Developer Tool Recap - Recent Enhancements to CodeCommit, CodePipeline, and CodeDeploy | AWS BlogClick here to return to Amazon Web Services homepage First

Jenkins: The Latest News

Drupal 8 CI/CD with Docker via Jenkins. Part 1: IntegrationIn this article I will demonstrate how to organize CI workflow for your Drupal 8 website with Docker.

What's Going On In The World Of AWS?

Habitat and Amazon Elastic Container Service - Chef BlogI was fortunate to present to the AWS Sydney North User Group on the topic "Build Better Containers for

Use ChatOps To Automate Your Tasks

ngrok - secure introspectable tunnels to localhostngrok secure introspectable tunnels to localhost webhook development tool and debugging tool Slack app

What's Going On In The World Of OpenStack?

Creating and accessing a Kubernetes cluster on OpenStack, part 1: Create the clusterIn honor of this week's Kubecon, we're bringing you information on how to

Build, Ship And Run Applications With Docker

Introducing InfraKit, an open source toolkit for creating and managing declarative, self-healing infrastructure - Docker BlogWritten by Bill Farner and David

Docker On Medium

A busy Java developers guide to developing microservices on Kubernetes and dockerAs Java developers we're often really busy with large backlogs, customer issues

Kubernetes On GitHub And Useful Tips

kubernetes/kopsKubernetes Operations (kops) - Production Grade K8s Installation, Upgrades, and Management Microsoft open sources its Azure Container Service

Use Chef To Automate Your IT Tnfrastructure In No Time

"Shift Left" Security and Compliance Automation with InSpec and Chef - Chef BlogVelocity needs control to be successful. As DevOps delivers high-velocity,

How To Work With AWS

upmc-enterprises/kubeadm-awskubeadm-aws - Bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster on AWS using Terraform and kubeadm aws/aws-week-in-reviewaws-week-in-review - The files

OpenStack: The Latest News

How Rackspace Operates OpenStack at Scale - The Official Rackspace BlogAs anyone who's ever tried to move a technology from development to production knows,

The Latest AWS News

Using Terraform with AWSThese are the slides from my meetup talk at Materials are here:

What Is ChatOps? Tips And Tricks

What is ChatOps? A guide to its evolution & significanceI am the product of AIM. I can hear that door swinging open and closed in my mind with absolute

Container Clusters With Kubernetes

rktnetes brings rkt container engine to KubernetesAs part of "We find CoreOS's rkt a compelling container engine in Kubernetes because of how rkt is composed

Increase Your Productivity With Jenkins

Jenkins Community Builds on Success of Jenkins 2 with Powerful New User ExperienceSANTA CLARA, Calif.--()-- JENKINS WORLD--The Jenkins project, comprised of a

Take Advantage Of Jenkins plugins

Docker Slaves Plugin - Jenkins - Jenkins WikiIf something goes wrong (sic), please first run Jenkins master with

Docker: Tips And Tricks

Introducing Docker for Windows Server 2016 - Docker BlogToday, Microsoft is announcing general availability of Windows Server 2016 at the Ignite conference in

Docker: Tips And Tricks - Part 2

An Overview of Docker Registries - via @codeshipUPDATE: With January 1st, 2017 we rebranded our hosted CI Platform for Docker from "Jet" to what is now known as

Stay On The Cutting Edge Of Technology With Chef

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and the Chef Partner Cookbook Program - Chef BlogI'd like to announce that Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is now part of the Chef

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