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Automated Testing of Packer Templates with Kitchen Terraform

Automated Testing of Packer Templates with Kitchen Terraform In the latest posting about HashiCorp Packer, we created a Packer template that was able to create

Advanced testing tools and development techniques

What is Testing? Testing can be stated as the process of validating and verifying that a computer program/application/product works as expected How people used

Integration Testing Infrastructure As Code With Chef, Puppet, And KitchenCI

At the beginning of May 2014 I started contributing to a great new OpenSource project sponsored by Deutsche Telekom. The Hardening Framework. One of the

Using Test Kitchen And Puppet On OpenStack

This is a followup article to Using Test Kitchen With Puppet. This time we want to run our tests against an Openstack deployment. You can follow my article

Using Test Kitchen With Puppet

From the homepage: Your infrastructure deserves tests too. So lets write some integration test for our puppet code. We will use a super simple puppet

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