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Traefik and HashiCorp Consul with terraform

Traefik and Hashicorp Consul with Terraform Are you looking for a solution to configure a reverse proxy or load balancer without the need to step into a big

Womenintech Part 8: Docker Swarm - How to create a minimal cluster running a service using VirtualBox

Introduction This blog post covers the topic Docker Swarm and how to create a minimal cluster running a Nginx service. Normally, a Docker Swarm consists of

Womenintech Part 7: Docker for beginners - Creating an own Docker Image

Introduction This post is about Docker, how to build an own image and launch a container by running this image. Cheatsheet Docker What is Docker? In general,

Sonarqube on AWS Fargate

What is AWS Fargate? Fargate is the next incarnation of Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS). With classic ECS you had to create dedicated instances to run

Lab with Kubernetes and Traefik on Raspberry

Install then base OS install the flash tool GitHub - hypriot/flash: Command line script to flash SD card images of any kind 1curl -O

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