DevOps & CI/CD

Emphasize automated building, testing and deployment. Different tools help you catch bugs early, deliver software faster and more reliably and test your CI/CD.

How DevOps and CI/CD make your everyday life easier.

CI/CD enables faster and more reliable software delivery, better collaboration, and faster error detection and recovery. Testing helps ensure software applications meet your needs, are reliable and secure, and can be deployed quickly and with confidence.

  • Git is used in CI/CD to manage source code changes and automate software delivery. It helps to ensure that changes are tested, built, and deployed quickly and reliably, improving software quality and reducing delivery time.
  • Cucumber automates testing of software features and ensures they meet user requirements. It improves collaborations between developers and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Programming Language Basics of Go, Ruby and Python will be needed in some of our courses. We’ll teach you just enough basics to master our trainings.
  • Terraform enables you to easily create, manage, and update infrastructure as code across multiple cloud providers and on-premises, reducing human error and increasing efficiency. Therefore Terraform Testing is crucial to keep things running smoothly.

Your Challenge

Collaboration Challenges Siloed teams hinder collaboration between development, operations, and testing.

Inconsistency in Environments Inconsistent environments between development, testing, and production cause deployment issues.

Manual Deployment Manual deployments are error-prone, time-consuming, and lack repeatability.

Manual Testing Manual testing delays releases and may overlook critical issues.

Version Control Challenges Managing different versions of code and infrastructure configurations can lead to confusion.

Security and Compliance Concerns Ensuring security and compliance in code and infrastructure configurations is vital.

Resource Scalability Issues Scaling resources manually is inefficient and prone to errors.

Lack of Visibility and Monitoring Limited visibility into the CI/CD process hampers issue identification and resolution.

Workflow Complexity Complex workflows with numerous dependencies are hard to manage.

High Downtime during Deployments Extended downtime during deployments affects user experience.

Lack of Feedback Loops Slow feedback loops delay issue resolution and improvement.

The solution

Collaboration DevOps practices break down silos, fostering collaboration through shared tools, processes, and objectives.

Inconsistency Solution Terraform creates consistent infrastructure across environments using Infrastructure as Code, ensuring uniformity and reliability.

Continuous Deployment CI/CD pipelines automate deployments, ensuring repeatability and reducing human errors.

Automatic Testing Cucumber enables Behavior-Driven Development, allowing automated testing scenarios and faster feedback loops.

Version Control Git provides version control for code and configurations, ensuring version history, branching, and merging.

Security Git supports access controls and security measures. Terraform and Cucumber configurations can be validated against security policies.

Resource Scalability Terraform enables dynamic scaling of infrastructure, ensuring automatic adjustments based on demand.

Visibility and Monitoring Integrated monitoring tools provide visibility, and Cucumber generates detailed test reports. Git commit history offers traceability.

Workflow Complexity CI/CD pipelines orchestrate workflows, while Terraform manages infrastructure dependencies, ensuring smooth processes.

High Downtime CI/CD practices enable continuous, incremental deployments, reducing downtime and improving user experience.

Feedback Cucumber automated tests and Git commit reviews provide quick feedback, aiding in rapid issue resolution and improvement.

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Agile Testing Bootcamp

Run your tests on autopilot with CI/CD pipelines.

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GitLab Essentials

Collaborate and ship your code faster with Git and GitLab.

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Terraform Testing

Test your Terraform managed infrastructure.

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