Cloud Native

Cloud native is a way of building and running apps that makes use of the cloud’s features. It helps apps grow easily, recover from failures, and launch quickly. If you want to be more agile and efficient, it’s a perfect match.

The advantages of Cloud Native

Cloud native allows faster development, easier scalability, higher resilience, and lower costs through the use of containerization and microservices.

  • Kubernetes automates your app management by automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.
  • Prometheus is a monitoring and alerting tool that helps you track and analyse metrics from various systems and applications.
  • Grafana & Kibana are data visualization tools. They help you make sense of complex data stored in e.g. Elasticsearch or Loki by creating interactive charts and graphs.
  • Jaeger is a distributed tracing system. It helps you troubleshoot and optimize complex systems by visualizing interactions between instrumented with OpenTelemetry.
  • Fluentd is a data collection and forwarding tool. It helps you unify your log data to multiple destinations like elasticsearch or loki for analysis and processing.

Your Challenge

Complex Infrastructure Traditional infrastructures can be difficult to manage, especially if they are spread across multiple locations.

Scalability Scaling resources in traditional environments can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

Data security Secure storage and transfer of data is critical to meet data protection policies and compliance requirements.

Continuous Deployment Traditional development methods may not allow for rapid and frequent deployment of applications and updates.

Availability and resilience It is difficult to ensure that services are continuously available and can be quickly restored in the event of a failure.

The solution

Automation Cloud-native platforms offer tools to automate deployments, scaling and even security tasks.

Container Orchestration Using technologies such as Kubernetes enables efficient management of containers across multiple hosts.

Microservices By using microservices, the application can be broken down into smaller, independently deployable pieces that can be easily updated and scaled.

Serverless architectures Serverless (Function-as-a-Service) approaches allow code to run in small units without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

DevOps practices Integration of development and operations is facilitated by DevOps practices such as continuous integration, continuous deployment and continuous monitoring.

Container Security Cloud-native platforms provide built-in security capabilities for containers and enable the implementation of best practices such as the concept of security as code.

Load balancing By using load balancing technologies, incoming requests can be efficiently distributed across different servers to optimise performance and availability.

Data Management Databases and storage services provide robust security and privacy mechanisms to protect sensitive data.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting Cloud-native platforms offer comprehensive monitoring and

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