Transformation of Testing Landscape in modern Telecommunication


Transformation of Testing Landscape in modern Telecommunication

Since 2015, Infralovers has played a key role in driving the transformation of the test landscape for a leading German telecommunications company. Through targeted knowledge transfer, we help to continuously train employees and keep them at a constant, up-to-date level of knowledge.

Project scope

  • Training initiatives: Development and implementation of comprehensive individual training programmes for the workforce to promote programming and coding skills and stimulate interest.
  • Automated testing: Introduction and optimisation of automated testing procedures using Cucumber, Ruby, Python, GitLab CI and other testing tools.
  • Licence and cost optimisation: Analysis and optimisation of licence costs, maintenance costs and elimination of knowledge silos through centralised test procedures.
  • On-premise and online training: Provision of customised training materials and conversion from on-premise training to an online version during the pandemic.
  • Consulting and knowledge transfer: Regular consulting, knowledge transfer on new testing trends and identification of optimisation potential.

Company Key Figures

  • 211,000 employees worldwide
  • International presence
  • Team size we managed: 100+

Project duration

since 2015


The project faced challenges such as eradication of knowledge silos, training a workforce with limited programming knowledge, and transitioning from on-premise to online training during the pandemic.

Our Approach

Through targeted training initiatives, automated testing procedures, and comprehensive consulting, we transformed the company's testing landscape. The emphasis was on eliminating knowledge silos, cost savings, and sensitizing the workforce to new technologies.

Client Impact

Efficient Automated Testing and CICD Integration Supporting the implementation of Cucumber, Ruby, Python, and GitLab CI led to efficient automated testing procedures and seamless integration of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CICD).

Centralization of Testing Knowledge and Cost Savings Centralizing testing processes bundled knowledge, optimized license costs, and avoided duplication of implementations.

On-Premise to Online Training: Pandemic Optimization The successful transition from on-premise training to an online format during the pandemic facilitated continuous training without interruptions.

Solutions Provided

Consulting: Targeted advice on license optimization, knowledge centralization, and training strategies. Training: Tailored training programs to prepare the workforce for new requirements. Lecture: Engaging lectures providing deep insights and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Client Feedback

"Infralovers made a significant contribution to our project through their comprehensive training initiatives and expertise in license optimization." "Our team positively embraced the transition from on-premise to online training during the pandemic, and the trainers proved to be highly competent."

Key Achievements

Knowledge Transfer and Programming Enthusiasm Targeted training initiatives not only imparted knowledge but also sparked enthusiasm for programming among the workforce.

Cost Optimization and Centralization Centralizing testing processes resulted in substantial cost savings and efficient resource utilization.

Continuous Innovation Regular showcasing of new testing trends and optimization potentials fostered a culture of continuous innovation.

Infralovers significantly contributes to reskill and upskill this telecommunications company's employees. Contact us today to explore new horizons together and craft your success story.


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