OpenStack in modern telecommunication


OpenStack in modern telecommunication

2015 to 2016, Infralovers helped one of Germany's leading telecommunications giants to decide on the perfect solutions to their OpenStack challenges.

Project scope

  • assistance in virtualization with OpenStack
  • comprehensive training initiatives
  • support in deciding on the right hardware to run OpenStack, providing Pro/Con analysis based on years of experience
  • challenge: different virtual networks with different security needs
  • consolidating different perspectives into a practical implementation
  • supporting multiple departments in solving their specific challenges
  • creating an informative whitepaper

Company key figures

  • 211,000 employees worldwide
  • International presence
  • Team size we managed: 100+

Project duration

2015 - 2016


The project’s challenges were as vast as its scope. We helped to make crucial decisions, from support in choosing the optimal hardware solutions and operating systems for OpenStack implementation to help the client manage diverse virtual networks with varying security demands. The challenge lay not only in the technical complexity but in aligning these diverse perspectives into a cohesive actionable plan.

Our approach

Through careful analysis and years of hands-on experience, we not only consolidated the varied project viewpoints but also provided a comprehensive comparison of options, streamlining decision-making. A multi-departmental task force was assembled, and a whitepaper was crafted by us, laying the foundation for a seamless implementation process.

Client Impact

  • Automated Implementation and Testing for OpenStack and Virtual Networks
  • In-Depth Expert Analysis on Hardware and Operating Systems

We helped the client to revolutionize the implementation process, automating OpenStack deployments and testing procedures for virtual networks. Through our expert analysis, the client gained invaluable insights into hardware and operating system options. We facilitated knowledge transfer through tailored training sessions, ensuring teams were well-equipped to navigate the new technologies.

Solution Types Provided

Consulting: We offered targeted consulting services, guiding the client through intricate technology choices and implementation strategies. Training: Tailored training sessions equipped the workforce with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the new technological landscape. Lecture: Engaging lecture sessions provided in-depth insights, fostering a culture of continuous learning within the organization.

Client Key Achievements

Time and Resource Optimization: Our support saved our client countless hours, especially by our instructor led trainings of complex technologies like Chef. Seamless Collaboration: The alignment between departments was enhanced, creating a harmonious synergy that fueled the project’s success. Priceless Experience: Our clients' feedback speaks volumes, emphasizing the invaluable nature of our contributions.

Client feedback

"Infralovers' experience in this domain was invaluable. Their insights and expertise were unmatched." "With their assistance, we saved countless hours by learning Chef through guided training rather than self-study."

Infralovers played an important role in facing the clients transformation challenges and supporting and driving this clients digital evolution forward. Let's explore new horizons together - your success story could be next! Reach out to us today.


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