Modernizing Onboard IT Systems for a German Railway Company


Modernizing Onboard IT Systems for a German Railway Company

Infralovers played a pivotal role in the comprehensive modernization of onboard IT systems a german railway company.

Project scope

  • Technology: Chef Infra. Introduction and utilization of Chef Infra for automation and updating of IT systems onboard trains.
  • Challenge: IT Systems in Trains with Poor Network Connectivity. The IT systems onboard trains move around, experience poor network connections, making updates challenging. Updates need to happen quickly during maintenance, especially due to poor LTE coverage at that time.

Company key figures

  • 300.000 employees
  • Operating in Germany and Europe

Project duration



Challenges of the project included poor network connectivity in moving trains, the necessity for rapid updates during limited maintenance windows, and adapting to the unique requirements of the mobility sector.


  • Efficient Automation of Updates: The introduction of Chef Infra led to efficient and automated updating of IT systems onboard trains.
  • Swift Updates and Maintenance Optimization: Updates could be swiftly carried out during limited maintenance windows, resulting in minimized downtimes.
  • Enhanced Security and Media Quality: The security of IT systems was strengthened, and media optimizations improved overall performance.

Solution Types Provided

Consulting: Guidance on implementing Chef Infra and strategic solutions for the unique challenges of the mobility sector. Training: Training the internal team in the effective use of Chef Infra and providing individualized solutions.

Key Achievements

Efficient and Up-to-Date IT Systems on Trains: The implementation of Chef Infra ensured that IT systems onboard trains were efficient and always up to date.

Minimization of Downtime and Maintenance Effort: Swift updates during limited maintenance windows led to minimal downtime and optimized maintenance processes.

Improved Security and Media Quality: Security enhancements and media optimizations elevated the quality of the onboard IT systems.

Infralovers played a key role in modernizing this companies onboard IT systems, particularly in a challenging mobile environment. Contact us to learn how we can propel your business forward.


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