A Journey with Terraform and Chef Infra


A Journey with Terraform and Chef Infra with a locistics company

From 2017 to 2023, Infralovers worked with this international logistics client, a leading European logistics company with 6,600 employees, on a transformative journey focused on infrastructure automation through training initiatives centred on Terraform and Chef Infra.

Company key figures

Industry: European logistics company Employees: 6,600 Active throughout Europe

Project duration

2017 - 2023


  • Terraform
  • Chief Infra

Project phases

Phase 1: Chef Infra introduction

Goal: Independent introduction of infrastructure automation with Chef Infra. Key initiatives:

  • Knowledge transfer within the team to achieve the goal independently.
  • Training led by the structure.
  • Engagement of professional services.

Phase 2: Evaluation and implementation of cloud services

Objective: Evaluation of cloud services for self-service test environments.

Key initiatives

  • Tracer implementation with Terraform and Chef.
  • Multiple training sessions on Chef Essentials, GitLab Essentials and Chef Automate.

Services provided

Consulting: Strategic guidance and advice throughout the project. Training: Several training sessions on key tools and technologies. Presentations: Exciting presentations on various required and related topics.

Customer feedback

"Pleasant pace and very understandable course language. No technical terms were thrown around, but always made sure that everyone knew what it was about. That's rare among IT students."

Infralovers is proud to have contributed to the transformation of this client's logistics operations. If there are areas you would also like to explore, or if you have an ongoing need, please feel free to contact us.


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