Empowering Skills: Chef Inc / Progress


Empowering Skills: Chef Inc / Progress

From 2013 to 2019, Infralovers played a significant role in shaping the educational landscape for Chef Inc, now Progress Chef, contributing to its international success.

Company Profile

Global Presence: International operations

Project Duration

2013 - 2019

Partnership in Consulting and Training

  • Technologies: Chef Infra, Chef Automate
  • Collaboration Type: Partner Consulting/Training
  • Challenges Faced
  • Limited Representation in DACH Training Sector:
  • The client lacked a notable presence in the training sector in the DACH region.

Challenges with US-Trainer-Led Training

Due to the time zone differences, training sessions conducted by US trainers were challenging for the client in the DACH region.

Language Barrier with DACH Customers A language barrier was identified with DACH customers.

Initiatives Undertaken

Establishment of Training Program in DACH: Infralovers played a pivotal role in establishing the training program in the DACH region as an official training partner.

Improvement of Training Materials Continuous improvement of training materials based on valuable feedback.

Europe/DACH Perspective The training program was tailored to meet the specific needs and perspectives of the European and DACH regions.

Development of German-Language Training Introduced a German-language variant of the training to address language concerns.

Feedback and Achievements

"Great training, really relevant for our company's adoption of the Chef product. Great instructors who make sure all participants are getting the essential course material while still doing deep dives with participants with more advanced questions."

Infralovers, is proud to have played a key role in enhancing the training landscape for Progress Chef. If you have any further training needs or areas to explore, please feel free to reach out.


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