Revolutionizing Automation Processes for a Pan-European Bank


Revolutionizing Automation Processes for a Pan-European Bank

In the span of 8 months in 2023, Infralovers played a important supporting role in the comprehensive transformation of internal automation processes for a pan-European bank.

Project scope

  • Technology Focus: Helping the customer to implement and optimize their infrastructure with Terraform for orchestrating and automating infrastructure.
  • Complete Overhaul of Internal Automation Processes: Supporting the clients holistic transformation of existing automation processes with a specific deadline in mind.
  • Adherence to Established Guidelines and Processes: Working within the framework of established guidelines and processes, where flexibility was limited.
  • Employee Training in Best Practices: Conducting training sessions for all affected employees on general best practices and the existing established processes.
  • Tailoring HashiCorp Material to Specific Needs: Customizing existing HashiCorp material to align with the individual requirements of the client.
  • Time-Bound Training of Employees: Ensuring the training of affected employees within a specified timeframe.
  • Analysis of Individual Processes: Conducting a thorough analysis of existing individual processes to help the client streamline the transformation on their own.
  • Adaptation of Training Materials: Modifying training materials to suit the specific needs identified during the analysis.
  • Delivery Phases (9 Times): Iterative delivery of training sessions, ensuring continuous improvement.

Company key figures

  • 3,500 employees.
  • Operations spanning across Europe.
  • Team Size: Close to 100 professionals engaged.

Project duration



The project involved challenges such as a complete overhaul of automation processes within a constrained timeframe, adherence to predefined guidelines, and tailoring training to meet individual needs.

Our approach

Infralovers played a consultative role in the selection of the tool and carefully navigated the complexities of the project through targeted knowledge transfer, adhering to established guidelines to customise our training material and ensuring on-time delivery of the training initiative.

Clients Impact

  • Streamlined Automation Processes with Terraform: The cleints implementation of Terraform resulted in streamlined and efficient automation processes, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

  • Employee Empowerment through Tailored Training: Training sessions tailored to the bank's specific needs empowered employees with the skills and knowledge necessary for the successful transition.

  • Adaptation to Predefined Guidelines: The project successfully aligned with established guidelines and processes, ensuring a seamless transformation within the specified constraints.

Solution Types Provided

Training: Tailored training sessions to equip employees with the skills required for the new automation processes.

Key Achievements

Efficient Terraform Implementation The bank witnessed efficient implementation by themselfs and optimization of Terraform, leading to improved automation processes through our knowledge transfer.

Timely and Seamless Transformation Despite stringent deadlines and predefined guidelines, the project was successfully completed within the given timeframe.

Employee Empowerment and Knowledge Transfer Tailored training sessions and adapted materials empowered employees with the skills and knowledge required for the new processes.

Infralovers played a vital supporting role in the clients revolutionizing automation processes for the pan-European bank. Connect with us today to explore how we can embark on a journey of innovation together.


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