Infrastructure as Code with Chef

Do you feel the pressure that in today's IT worlds everything needs to be fast, fast, fast?
With Chef you can speed up your deployments significantly and we can help you to implement it.

Advantages of using Chef

Say goodbye to "only the person who wrote can understand" script files. Infrastructure as code means, that you can change it like code and you can version and reuse it. As a result code can be shared and everybody benefits from a whole community that shares configuration code, which are the so called Community Cookbooks.

We can set up Configuration Management with Chef for you and write your first configuration files (Cookbooks). Your team will be guided in writing great Cookbooks on their own and centralize all their knowledge about configurations in your Git repository. With feedback on your Cookbooks you will become better and better and have a lot of advantages:

Save time

Make deployments faster

Test your deployments

Avoid bugs

Why we are the right choice

We are IT-Experts and love everything that has to do with IT-Infrastructure and the cloud. As we are the only Chef certified training partner in DACH various fortune 500 companies trust in our consulting offering. Moreover we can help you to implement IT-Automation to work even more efficient.


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"Excellent team with high technical level"

"With their help, we could save uncountable hours of learning Chef on our own"

"Their experience in the field was invaluable"

Stop wasting time without using Chef

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