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Configuring cloud instances is hard. With Chef, you will be able to automate and speed up your deployments. We can help you use Chef to improve your cloud.

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Why you need us and Chef to drive your success

We can setup Chef for you and help you write your first configuration files, so called Chef Cookbooks. We can either write everything for you or teach your team to write great Cookbooks on their own.

Infrastructure as Code

Say goodbye to "only the person who wrote it can understand it" script files. Infrastructure as Code means, that you can change and use your configurations like code. You can version and reuse them. In addition to that, Chef gives your DevOps engineers the possibility to collaborate on configuration code. And the best about code is: It can be tested as well. You will know if your configurations are working the way you intended.

Faster and more reliable deployments

Applications cannot get to customers quickly if you are spending time on fixing configuration errors or applying changes manually. With Chef, you will have full insight into any errors and can react immediately. With professional Chef Cookbooks, your configurations are automated and you can concentrate on delivery new features to your customers.

Community Cookbooks

Why reinvent the wheel? Chef has an awesome community that shares configuration code. These so called "Community Cookbooks" can be freely used in your project. You can also adapt functionality from them and write your own configuration around them.

We are Chef experts

We are a team of IT-Experts and love everything about IT-Infrastructure and the cloud. As we are the only Chef certified training partner in DACH, various fortune 500 companies trust in our consulting offering. We have consulted big and small customers all around Europe. We would love to help you next!

What clients say about us

“Excellent team with high technical level.”

- System Integrator, German Telecommunication Company

“With their help, we could save uncountable hours of learning Chef on our own.”

- Team-Lead Infrastructure, German Telecommunication Company

“Their experience in the field was invaluable.”

- DevOps Engineer, German Telecommunication Company

This is your time to shine!

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By sumitting the contact form, which has been integrated via our CRM system (Pipedrive), you agree to the processing or your specified data for the purpose of your request. Privacy Policy

Still not sure?
Here is why should you choose us as your partner!

Years of experience

Our company exists since 15 years. In that time, we saw technology come and go. By now, we are good at telling what tools make sense for you and which are just "buzzwords". Profit from our shared experience and let us guide you to IT success.

Creative problem solvers

Chef is not the only tool we work with. If you come across an IT problem, that Chef does not solve, we can help you with that too. Our expertise encompasses cloud architecture, continuous integration and -deployment, source control management, automation and all things DevOps. Whatever the challenge is, we can overcome it for you!

We get your project done on time

Our team is well organised and concentrates on getting things done. We will develop a time table that clearly shows you when desired deliverables will be ready. Documentation is of course always included. Relax, while we do the heavy lifting.

Sharing knowledge is our thing

Our main motivation is giving you the tools to succeed. Therefore, consulting is not the only thing we do. We share our insights on today's IT world in our blog and offer training courses on various IT subjects. Maybe your project needs a mix of consulting, coaching and training? No problem. We can do it.

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