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You love IT, the cloud and code as much as we do? Then we are the right company for you!

Infralovers is a DevOps consulting agency. Customers call us when they want to move to the cloud, automate their workflows, need support with Continuous-Integration and -Delivery or even setup a whole new IT infrastructure.

Our team works in lead positions with other Developers, Operations, and Analysts to complete customer projects. We also mentor people to build their skills and work related knowledge and abilities.

Our goal is simple: We work hard to give our customer the best consulting experience ever.

As we need to be a step ahead of the curve, when it comes to the latest and greatest tech, we are constantly learning and trying out new tools. Still, it’s all about the mix of proven technologies and brand new solutions that helps to solve our customer’s challenges. Technologies love to use are: Chef, Ruby, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker, Gitlab/GitHub, Amazon Web Services, Terraform, Slack, Trello, Jira, Confluence and of course our beloved MacBooks.

This does not mean that we do not use JavaScript, Python, Go, Azure, OpenStack, Vagrant, Spinnaker, Travis CI, Prometheus, Puppet or Ansible from time to time.

The best tool for the job. That is our philosophy!

We are a company from Graz, Austria. Our customers come from all around the globe. We try to foster a relationship with our clients that supports a remote work environment. This means that most of our time, we work from our individual home offices. Still, there is plenty of opportunity to travel and visit our customers on-site.

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By Austrian law we are bound to inform you that the minimum wage for this position, based on the collective contract agreement, is € 2.908 / month pre-tax. Based on individual qualifications and industry standard salaries we are of course ready to overpay beyond the minimum wage.

Let's get in touch and meet!

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