Courses Advanced Terraform Cloud Enterprise

Advanced Terraform Cloud Enterprise

Collaborative infrastructure automation.

HashiCorp Terraform
2 days

What you will learn in this course

This course is aimed at existing Terraform users who desire an in-depth exploration of collaborative workflows and advanced features with Terraform Cloud or Enterprise.

Students will receive access to their own personal Linux-based lab environment for the class. We highly recommend to complete the "Terraform Foundations" course before attending this one.


Terraform Review

TFC/E Platform and UI

State (remote and importing resources)


TFC/E Variables

Workflows - CLI, VSC, API

User & Group Organization

Private Module Registry

Operations and Governance


This course is designed for

  • Cloud SRE‘s
  • DevOps
  • System Administrators


To get most out of this course, you should have:

  • Terraform Foundations
  • GitLab Essentials
  • Basic understanding of Linux
  • Basic experience with the Linux terminal


Our trainers have years of experience and will deliver the right mix of:

  • Insightful theory
  • Practical examples

Technical requirements

We recommend the following equipment:

  • Stable internet connection
  • Modern browser

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Advanced Terraform Cloud Enterprise

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