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A first insight into our planned lectures, short tidbits of knowledge that offer the perfect introduction to a topic. Today we present the lectures in the DevEx (Developer Experience) area.

DevEx Explained

In this lecture, we dive deep into the concept of developer experience. We explore how an optimized developer experience can increase productivity and contribute to the successful implementation of projects. You'll learn all about measurement methods, best practices and developer experience evaluation. We look at factors such as feedback, cognitive load and the flow state and show you how you can integrate these into your daily work.

Team Processes & Communication

Effective team processes and communication are crucial to the success of any project. In this unit we focus on different process models such as Waterfall, Agile, Six Sigma and the Spotify model. We cover their pros and cons as well as team orientated thinking, Conway's Law, different team interactions and introduce the concept of Team Topologies.

Building Effective Teams

A strong team is more than the sum of its parts. In this lecture, we focus on the key components required to build and lead effective teams. We discuss essential concepts such as "Principle of Least Surprise," abstraction, idempotence, declarative programming and more to help optimize software development processes and strengthen teamwork.


Feature flags are a powerful tool for dynamically changing application behavior. In this lecture we will introduce you to OpenFeature, a platform with a standardized, compatible feature flag client and a uniform API. Learn how you can effectively use feature flags to improve your software development.

We hope you are as excited about our planned DevEx Lectures as we are.

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