Coming Soon: New Lectures and Trainings


We are constantly working to expand our offering and provide the latest and greatest training and education opportunities in the areas of DevOps, Cloud Native and more. Therefore, we are happy to give an insight into our planned new lectures and trainings that will be available in the future.

New Lectures


  • DevEx Explained: All about measurement methods, best practices and developer experience evaluation
  • Team Processes & Communication: Focus on effective team organisations, process models and team interactions
  • Building Effective Teams: Key concepts for optimising software development processes and strengthening teamwork
  • OpenFeature: Dynamic changes to application behaviour through feature flags


  • Coding Languages Explained: Overview of markup, data and programming languages and their similarities and differences
  • Security Check: Practical knowledge of security and compliance implementation with Mondoo

New trainings

Cloud Native

  • Service Mesh: Basic concepts of API gateways and Service Mesh
  • Kubernetes Operator: Practical knowledge on the development, implementation and management of Kubernetes Operator

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