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Use Cloudflare Workers + Serverless Framework to add reliability and uptime to your FaaS

Cloudflare Workers integrates with the Serverless Framework. Use Cloudflare Workers to add reliability and uptime to your existing FaaS!

Keeping the culture in remote culture

When your team team is distibuted or remote, building a company culture takes a different kind of effort. Here's how we keep culture strong at Serverless.

Common Node8 mistakes in Lambda

Here are some common mistakes people make when authoring Lambda functions with Node.js 8.10.

Using AWS CloudTrail to enhance your serverless application security

Learn how to harness AWS CloudTrail to enhance your serverless application security posture.

Serverless and AWS

AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) Command Line Interface – Build, Test, and Debug Serverless Apps Locally | Amazon Web Services

Decades ago, I wrote page after page of code in 6502 assembly language. After assembling and linking the code, I would load it into memory, set breakpoints at strategic locations, and step through to make sure that everything worked as intended. These days, I no longer have the opportunity to write...

AWS X-Ray Now Supports Amazon API Gateway and New Sampling Rules API | Amazon Web Services

Today, we're adding two new features to AWS X-Ray: support for Amazon API Gateway, making it easier to trace and analyze requests as they travel through your APIs to the underlying services, and support for centralized sampling rules in the AWS X-Ray console, SDKs, and API.

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Serverless Rust – Doug Tangren – Medium

A brief introduction to Serverless applications in Rust

Towards elastic ML infrastructure on AWS Lambda – Alex Glikson – Medium

Can we use rapidly elastic serverless platforms (e.g., AWS Lambda) for ML workloads, such as distributed training of Deep Learning models?

Serverless Backend using AWS Lambda: Hands-on Guide

Hands-on intro and tutorial with live examples.

Building an API with Amazon’s API Gateway – Hackers and Slackers

APIs: the final frontier of cool-stuff-to-do-in-AWS

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