CI/CD with CircleCI, Jenkins and Spinnaker



Tools for effective pairing

I have done somewhere in the range of 150 phone screens this year. Doubling your engineering organization means talking to a lot of people, and I mean a lot. I talk to them about their work history, their software philosophies, and the processes that help enable high quality software delivery. This...

Increase reliability in data science and machine learning projects with CircleCI

Data science is no longer a niche topic at companies. Everyone from the CEO to the intern knows about how valuable it is to take a scientific approach to dealing with data. Consequently, many people not directly in software engineering fields are starting to write more code, often in the form of...

Managing secrets when you have pull requests from outside contributors

Mozilla likes to work in the open as much as possible, which means we primarily do our development in publicly accessible code repositories, whether we expect outside collaborators or not. Those repositories, however, still need to hook into other systems, which sometimes involves managing...

Modernizing federal DevOps: CircleCI becomes first continuous integration tool with FedRAMP authorization

CircleCI is now authorized by FedRAMP (the federal government’s program for assessing and authorizing technology vendors), making CircleCI the first CI/CD tool to meet the rigorous security and privacy standards required by government agencies.


Deploy a Jenkins Cluster on AWS – A Cloud Guru

Few months ago, I gave a talk at Nexus User Conference 2018 on how to build a fully automated CI/CD platform on AWS using Terraform…

Agile and Test Driven Development (TDD) with Swagger, Docker, Github, Postman, Newman and Jenkins…

Objective: in this tutorial I will create a copy of the FDIC Bank Data Developer Portal using a Test Driven Development (TDD) architecture…

Deploying frontend applications — the fun way – Hacker Noon

In this post I will tell you how I deploy my frontend applications using GitHub, Jenkins, Docker and Digital Ocean.

Build your own Jenkins! Introducing Custom WAR/Docker Packager

Jenkins is an open source automation server


Managing Kubernetes with Spinnaker at scale

Armory customers often want to better understand the relationship between Kubernetes and Spinnaker. This is what we typically see happen at large companies: A company has 99% AMI-based deployments or mutable deployments in a data center using Chef or another other configuration management system....

Adobe at Spinnaker Summit 2018: Shredding Stateful Systems with Spinnaker

This is a summary of our presentation at Spinnaker Summit, which covered our stateful Spinnaker implementation.

Accelerate Delivery, Don't Reinvent it

Developing a stable home-grown CI/CD platform can cost a lot of engineering effort, and the benefits for business and products are not always clear. In this article, we explore how engineering effort is wasted developing home-grown CI/CD solutions with disjointed tooling and ad-hoc scripting (glue...

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