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Working with dependency injection in .NET Standard: inject your AWS clients – part 1 | Amazon Web Services

Dependency injection (DI) is a central part of any nontrivial application today. .NET has libraries like Ninject for implementing inversion of control (IOC) in their development and, as of .NET Core 1.0 (specifically, .NET Standard 1.1), lightweight DI can be provided...

Building a portfolio of self-service databases with AWS Service Catalog and AWS CloudFormation | Amazon Web Services

Modern distributed applications are moving towards a “purpose-built” database strategy. This means that the selection of database type, size, and configuration should match the problem the database is trying to solve. AWS customers are also requiring that these databases have the appropriate...

AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) Command Line Interface – Build, Test, and Debug Serverless Apps Locally | Amazon Web Services

Decades ago, I wrote page after page of code in 6502 assembly language. After assembling and linking the code, I would load it into memory, set breakpoints at strategic locations, and step through to make sure that everything worked as intended. These days, I no longer have the opportunity to write...

How to import split disks into AWS | Amazon Web Services

Contributed by Raphael Sack In an amusing coincidence, I was recently asked by two separate customers a nearly identical question: how to import split disks in the form of VMDK to AWS. This post covers one way to do this. There are quite a few names, official and unofficial, for split disks. These...

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How to Build Cloud-Powered Mobile Apps with Expo & AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is a CLI & toolchain for the client that allows developers to quickly create & connect to AWS cloud services directly from the…

How to launch a site on AWS for free in 15 minutes –

If you‘re completely new to Amazon Web Services (AWS), it can come across as soul-crushingly complicated.

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Top 9 AWS AppSync Features You Didn’t Know About – Open GraphQL – Medium

AWS AppSync has been in general availability since April of 2018. Since the release of the service, there have been many new features…

99.9% uptime static site deployment with Cloudflare and AWS S3

Welcome to our simple guide for those of you looking for 99.9% uptime and an almost free deployment solution for your static websites.

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