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Introducing Volume Snapshot Alpha for Kubernetes

Author: Jing Xu (Google) Xing Yang (Huawei), Saad Ali (Google) Kubernetes v1.12 introduces alpha support for volume snapshotting. This feature allows creating/deleting volume snapshots, and the ability to create new volumes from a snapshot natively using the Kubernetes API. What is a Snapshot? Many...

KubeDirector: The easy way to run complex stateful applications on Kubernetes

Author: Thomas Phelan (BlueData) KubeDirector is an open source project designed to make it easy to run complex stateful scale-out application clusters on Kubernetes. KubeDirector is built using the custom resource definition (CRD) framework and leverages the native Kubernetes API extensions and...

Support for Azure VMSS, Cluster-Autoscaler and User Assigned Identity

Author: Krishnakumar R (KK) (Microsoft), Pengfei Ni (Microsoft) Introduction With Kubernetes v1.12, Azure virtual machine scale sets (VMSS) and cluster-autoscaler have reached their General Availability (GA) and User Assigned Identity is available as a preview feature. Azure VMSS allow you to...

Health checking gRPC servers on Kubernetes

Author: Ahmet Alp Balkan (Google) gRPC is on its way to becoming the lingua franca for communication between cloud-native microservices. If you are deploying gRPC applications to Kubernetes today, you may be wondering about the best way to configure health checks. In this article, we will talk...

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Local Kubernetes for Windows - MiniKube vs Docker Desktop - Codefresh

Moving your application into a Kubernetes cluster presents two major challenges. The first one is the adoption of Kubernetes deployments as an integral part of your Continuous Delivery pipelines. Thankfully this challenge is already solved using the native Codefresh-Kubernetes integration that also...

Automated Serverless Pipelines with #GitOps on Codefresh - Codefresh

Fast feature-branch deployment of serverless architecture can have its challenges. For starters, CDN replication times can take up to 30mins. This is way too long of a feedback loop for rapid development on a team. Secondly, development teams need standard workflows for all projects/features....

News from rancher.com

Kubernetes versus Docker: What's the difference?

This introduction to Docker containers and Kubernetes explains the differences between these two virtual computing technologies using a hypothetical company, NetPly, highlighting the pressures software teams face to deliver reliable applications at scale.

Challenges and Solutions for Scaling Kubernetes in the Hybrid Cloud

When traffic increases, we need to have a way to scale our application to keep up with user demand. With Kubernetes multi-cluster management through Rancher, scaling has never been easier and more efficient. Read here about scaling Kubernetes and the challenges you might be facing when managing a...

Introduction to Container Security

Developers are often aware of the benefits that containers can offer in terms of process isolation, portability, and scalability, but there are a lot of things to consider in terms of security. Read here about the issues and what you can do to address them.

The Unexpected Kubernetes: Part 2: Volume and Many Ways of Persisting Data

Thoughts on Kubernetes design choices, complexity, and usability

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