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Pairing OpenStack and open source MANO for NFV deployments - Superuser

Calsoft’s Sagar Nangare on how the two open-source technologies are coming together.

Kayobe and Rundeck: Operational hygiene for infrastructure as code - Superuser

Stack HPC's Nick Jones pairs infrastructure automation tool Rundeck with Kayobe, a deployment of containerized OpenStack to bare metal.

Tips and Tricks

Enhance your OpenStack Private Cloud with Load Balancing as a Service

Load balancing is the process of distributing workloads across multiple computing resources in your cloud, allowing your cloud will run more effectively and efficiently.

How to 'Kubernetize' an OpenStack service

Kuryr-Kubernetes provides networking for Kubernetes pods by using OpenStack Neutron and Octavia.

OpenStack and ease of development

In my last post, about cultural norms in OpenStack, I said that ease of development was a self inflicted issue. This was somewhat contentious :) I’ve had some interested expressed a deeper di…

Ubuntu does OpenStack

OpenStack, the open source cloud of choice for many businesses, has seen broad adoption across a large number of industries, from telco to finance, healthcare and more. It’s become something of a safe haven for highly regulated industries…

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