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Using SQS with AWS Lambda and Serverless

Get started with Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Serverless, and learn some of the important configuration options.

Google Cloud Functions goes GA: what it means for Serverless

Google Cloud Functions hits general availability. A big step forward for FaaS, vendor choice, and the serverless community.

Deploy a Serverless Frontend with the Serverless Finch Plugin

Learn how to deploy a static website to AWS with the Serverless Finch Plugin.

How to use the Serverless Event Gateway: build a REST API and react to custom events

How to use the Serverless Event Gateway (part of the Serverless Platform) to build REST APIs and react to custom events.

Serverless on Medium

6 Things to consider before going serverless – Derek Woods – Medium

Moving some or all of your infrastructure to a serverless stack has many benefits. A few of them include:

A crash course on Serverless APIs with Express and MongoDB

Serverless has become an amazing tool for various use cases.

The best ways to test your serverless applications – freeCodeCamp

Serverless is more than a cloud computing execution model. It changes the way we plan, build, and deploy apps. But it also changes the way…

Lessons Learned — A Year Of Going “Fully Serverless” In Production

At Torii, we decided to go the no-ops path as much as possible meaning we’ll focus all our efforts on our product and not on operations…

AWS and Serverless

Introducing Amazon API Gateway Private Endpoints | Amazon Web Services

One of the biggest trends in application development today is the use of APIs to power the backend technologies supporting a product. Increasingly, the way mobile, IoT, web applications, or internal services talk to each other and to application frontends is using some API interface. Alongside this...

Control access to your APIs using Amazon API Gateway resource policies | Amazon Web Services

This post courtesy of Tapodipta Ghosh, AWS Solutions Architect Amazon API Gateway provides you with a simple, flexible, secure, and fully managed service that lets you focus on building core business services. API Gateway supports multiple mechanisms of access control using AWS Identity and Access...

Powering HIPAA-compliant workloads using AWS Serverless technologies | Amazon Web Services

This post courtesy of Mayank Thakkar, AWS Senior Solutions Architect Serverless computing refers to an architecture discipline that allows you to build and run applications or services without thinking about servers. You can focus on your applications, without worrying about provisioning, scaling,...

Centralizing security with Amazon API Gateway and cross-account AWS Lambda authorizers | Amazon Web Services

This post courtesy of Diego Natali, AWS Solutions Architect Customers often have multiple teams working on APIs. They might have separate teams working on individual API functionality, and another handling secure access control. You can now use an AWS Lambda function from a different AWS account as...

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