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Enhance your DevSecOps practices with Azure Security Center’s newest playbooks

Cloud-hosted workloads offer excellent scalability, ease of deployment, and pre-secured infrastructure for your workloads. However, the workloads themselves may still be susceptible to attack by cybercriminals.

Azure HDInsight Interactive Query: Ten tools to analyze big data faster

Customers use HDInsight Interactive Query (also called Hive LLAP, or Low Latency Analytical Processing) to query data stored in Azure storage & Azure Data Lake Storage in super-fast manner.

New Azure #CosmosDB JavaScript SDK 2.0 now in public preview

The Azure Cosmos DB team is excited to announce version 2.0 RC of the JavaScript SDK for SQL API, now in public preview! We are excited to get feedback through this RC before general availability, so…

General availability of instance size flexibility for Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances

We are excited to announce instance size flexibility for Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances, a new feature that makes your reserved instance purchasing and management even simpler by applying reservation discounts to different virtual machine sizes within the same VM group.

Azure on Medium

How to Use Azure Functions to Effortlessly Run Small Applications

Serverless computing is the word of the day, and Microsoft Azure Functions acts a modern serverless architecture delivering event driven…

The Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud Services – Business Experts Gulf – Medium

Microsoft Azure is the integrated cloud-based services that are suitable for the companies with fluctuating or growing bandwidth demands…

Microsoft Inspire: Daily Rundown – Sysfore Technologies – Medium

Microsoft Inspire 2018, formerly called Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), continues in Las Vegas. Check this ongoing blog for live Azure…

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