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Inside the latest edition of "Learning OpenStack Networking" - Superuser

The third edition offers updates on load balancing and new content on role-based access control and VLAN-aware virtual machines.

Why free software needs free tools - Superuser

"Our contemporary free and open source software world’s continued reliance on proprietary tools and services suggests that we failed to learn from our experience with Linux and BitKeeper,” says Benjamin Mako Hill.

How to set up container-based OpenStack with Open Virtual Network - Superuser

This tutorial offers an overview of system architecture and troubleshoots some common issues.

Why dev-ops is still a hands-on job - Superuser

A large global survey reveals a surprising amount of artisanal work.

Openstack and Other Technologies

Setting up container based Openstack with OVN networking

OVN is a relatively new networking technology which provides a powerful and flexible software implementation of standard networking functionalities such as switches, routers, firewalls, etc. Importantly, OVN is distributed in the sense that the aforementioned network entities can be realized over a...

How to deploy Windows on OpenStack - Superuser

Fuga Cloud's Yuri Sijtema offers this tutorial.

Integrating Tungsten Fabric with OpenStack-Ansible - Superuser

Tungsten Fabric and Contrail can replace and augment many of the networking components of a standard OpenStack cloud, James Denton offers this tutorial on how to stitch it together.

​VMware ready to release new OpenStack cloud program | ZDNet

VMware's heart is proprietary, but to to deliver its functionality to customers, it uses open-source OpenStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud.

Tips and Tricks

4 new OpenStack tips and guides

Want to keep up with the open source cloud? Check out these fantastic new resources.

How OpenStack and containers power up modern telco services

For a few years now, OpenStack and containers have been top-of-mind for service providers (SPs). In fact, most telecommunications companies are already using OpenStack and considering containers in…

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