Which Programming Language to use?


Programming Languages Overview

How to Choose a Programming Language

Choosing a programming language can be a major hurdle because people lack the information necessary to make a good decision. Here's an alternative approach.

Top 50 Programming Blogs and Websites for Programmers in 2018

Programming Blogs Best List. Find computer programming blogs, coding blog, programing languages, programming languages, program blog and much more.


How I write Go HTTP services after seven years – Statuscode – Medium

I’ve been writing Go (Golang when not spoken) since r59 — a pre 1.0 release — and have been building HTTP APIs and services in Go for the…

How the Go runtime implements maps efficiently (without generics) | Dave Cheney

This post discusses how maps are implemented in Go. It is based on a presentation I gave at the GoCon Spring 2018 conference in Tokyo, Japan.

Ultimate Go Service Go, (Golang) Programming - Blog - Ardan Labs

Our Blog is a great source of insights about Go, also referred as "golang". Our main contributor Bill Kennedy is a renowned Go Trainer, consultant, and author.

Building Gophercises - Calhoun.io

This is a write-up of a talk I gave at the Gotham Go conference in 2018. It won’t be identical to the talk, but should cover the same topics and convey the same message. Whenever the videos from the conference are posted online I’ll also link to it from here. Slides from this talk can...


Ruby’s Powerful Method Arguments & How To Use Them Correctly

I got an email asking for my opinion about when to use keyword arguments. I thought I'd expand my answer into a full article about method arguments so everyone can benefit! Ruby is very flexible when

Using Ansible Validations With OpenStack (Part 1) - DZone Cloud

OpenStack Platform now ships with several scripts designed to help with validation. See them in action as the utilize Ansible for pre- and post-deployment work.

How to Write a Case Expression in Ruby

Ruby uses the case for writing switch statements. Learn how case works and how you can use it.

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