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A Look at Deploying an Icinga2 Server with Chef Cookbooks - Chef Blog

Walk through a deployment using four Icinga 2 cookbooks to see what is required to set up a simple Icinga2 master with web interface.

Understanding Singular and Plural InSpec resources - Chef Blog

With the recent release of InSpec 2.2, several enhancements have been made to the facility that supports the "plural" resources, improving consistency, performance, and fixing some bugs and unpredictable behavior.  

InSpec GCP Deep Dive - Chef Blog

As recently announced Chef has deepened support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) by adding InSpec integration. Furthermore, the InSpec GCP resource pack is freely available here – suggestions (and contributions) welcome! Before looking at InSpec GCP let’s ensure we have the necessary...

Running Chef and InSpec with Habitat - How We Made that Demo - Chef Blog

At ChefConf 2018 we demoed a scenario to ensure that your infrastructure is configured consistently and securely by running Chef and InSpec with Habitat. In this blog post, Customer Engineer John Snow takes you on a guided tour of how it all came together.

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Walkthrough - Publishing Habitat packages to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

We recently added support in Habitat Builder for Azure Container Registry (ACR). With this integration you can export to Azure Container Registry as part of your build job and use those containers inside AKS.

Habitat and Kubernetes: How Does It Work?

Habitat’s open source framework allows you to automate your applications’ definition, builds and rebuilds, deployment and management throughout their life cycle. One of Habitat’s fundamental principles is enabling users to deploy their applications anywhere they need to be run, and to...

Exporting Docker Images for Cloud Foundry with Habitat

With Habitat, it's easy to package and export your applications to any environment, and Cloud Foundry is no exception. Our friends over at Stark & Wayne set up a quick demo to just how easy it can be!

Introducing Habitat On-Premise Builder Depot

One of the frequent requests that we have had since we introduced public Habitat Builder last year has been to allow Habitat users to have the same workflow behind the firewall in their private cloud- and on-premise infrastructure. There are several reasons why this can be desirable - for example,...

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