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Introducing Play with Kubernetes - Docker Blog

Every month for the last year, thousands of people have used Play with Docker and the accompanying hands-on Play with Docker Classroom training site. These sites allow you to use and learn Docker entirely within your own browser, without installing anything. Last summer, we quietly launched the...

Announcing DockerCon 2018 Session: Cool Hacks - Docker Blog

One of the most anticipated sessions at DockerCon is Cool Hacks, where we showcase a few members of the Docker community pushing the envelope on what you can achieve with Docker, in a demo heavy session, showing trends of what innovators are building on top of the Docker platform. This year,...

Docker Compose and Kubernetes with Docker for Desktop - Docker Blog

With KubeCon EU happening in Copenhagen, we looked back at the most popular posts with our readers on Docker and Kubernetes. For those of you that have yet to try Docker EE 2.0, this blog highlights how in Docker for Desktops you can use Docker compose to directly deploy an application onto a...

Automating Compliance for Highly Regulated Industries with Docker Enterprise Edition and OSCAL - Docker Blog

Source: and C2 Labs  Highly-regulated industries like financial services, insurance and government have their own set of complex and challenging regulatory IT requirements that must be constantly maintained. For this reason, the introduction of new technology can sometimes be difficult....

Docker Tips and Tricks all over the WWW

A Practical Introduction to Container Terminology - RHD Blog

It is deceptively simple to get started with Linux Containers, but how well do you really understand the underlying technology? Could you explain the architectural trade offs of container hosts, images, and application definitions within Kubernetes? This article is intended to help you build that...

Why should I care about Kubernetes, Docker, and Container Orchestration? - Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman on Programming, The Web, Open Source, .NET, The Cloud and More

Another reason why your Docker containers may be slow

In my last blog post I was talking about Kubernetes and how ThoughtSpot uses it for its dev infrastructure needs. Today I’d like to follow…

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