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Zero-downtime Deployment in Kubernetes with Jenkins - Kubernetes

Zero-downtime Deployment in Kubernetes with Jenkins

Gardener - The Kubernetes Botanist - Kubernetes

Gardener - The Kubernetes Botanist

Tips and Tricks

Get started with the Octavia Ingress Controller for Kubernetes - Superuser

Lingxian Kong, senior developer at Catalyst Cloud, offers this guide.

How to Install ONAP on Kubernetes using Cloudify - Aptira

This post covers the process to install ONAP on Kubernetes using Cloudify. Kubernetes is installed atop OpenStack & Cloudify is used as an orchestrator.

Heptio launches an open-source load balancer for Kubernetes and OpenStack

Heptio is one of the more interesting companies in the container ecosystem. In part, that’s due to the simple fact that it was founded by Craig McLuckie and Joe Beda, two of the three engineers behind the original Kubernetes project, but also because of the technology it’s developing an…

Explore KubeVirt and Kata Containers - Superuser

Josh Berkus and Stephen Gordon take a look at KubeVirt for the traditional VM use case and Kata Containers for the isolation use case.

Evaluation of Serverless Frameworks for Kubernetes (K8s) - Rancher Labs

Rancher 1.6 and Rancher 2.0 have slightly different terms and concepts underpinning the container orchestration engine. Learn the fundamental differences between Cattle and Kubernetes. For anyone who has used Cattle or is new to Kubernetes, this article is for you. Get a container orchestrator...

How to deploy Spinnaker on Kubernetes: a quick and dirty guide | Mirantis

A reliable guide for deploying Spinnaker, including the magic steps nobody seems to talk about.

Best Kubernetes books, tutorials & courses 2018 - ReactDOM

Kubernetes (commonly referred to as K8s) is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. Kubernetes is one of the most popular DevOps tools. Here the best Kubernetes books, Kubernetes tutorials, Kubernetes courses & Kubernetes videos to...

Gitkube – build and deploy Docker images to Kubernetes using git push

Ever since Heroku delivered git push-based deploys back in the day, the open source community has been hard at work creating alternative solutions with similar UX. Gitkube is the latest tool in this space, combining Docker and Kubernetes to get you started with your own git-based automation.

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