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News from the Opensource Blog

Highlights from the OpenStack project teams gathering

A few weeks back in Dublin, Ireland, OpenStack engineers gathered from dozens of countries and companies to discuss the next release of OpenStack. This is always my favorite OpenStack event, because I get to do interviews with the various teams, to talk about what they did in the just-released...

Where does OpenStack fit in a public cloud world?

Public clouds are taking over the world. Every day, more and more companies are moving their infrastructure to services like AWS or Microsoft Azure to save capital and operational costs. This begs the question: Where does this leave OpenStack? [OS_EMBEDDED_MENU_RIGHT:]In this post, we'll...

News from the Superuser OpenStack Blog

How to start your journey to OpenStack deployment - Superuser

Trilio's Katie Lyon walks you through what questions to ask and how to plan for the trasformative road ahead.

Meeting the challenges of next-generation workloads: The OpenStack User Committee - Superuser

Yih Leong Sun on multi-cloud, upcoming challenges for users and how you can get involved.

Seeding the future of Extended Maintenance in OpenStack - Superuser

Matt Riedemann walks you through the past, present and possible future of extended maintenance.

Beyond data center cloud: The future of the OpenStack Foundation - Superuser

Thierry Carrez on the strategic decisions that shape the path forward.

Tips and Tricks

OpenStack - Heat Orchestration Template - THE CURIOUS DEVELOPER

Heat provides us with a powerful orchestration engine where we can specify infrastructure in a declarative way. A heat orchestration template is easy to get the hang of and in this article we are going to look at an example of how we can deploy infrastructure using it.

Is OpenStack Used by Enterprises or Is It Mainly for Service Prov

I talked to some vendors at the recent OpenStack Summit 2018 to find out: is OpenStack used by enterprises, or is it just used by service providers?

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