Test Automation with Jenkins


Jenkins and Kubernetes

Jenkins declarative pipelines with Kubernetes

Deploy Jenkins using Helm, create Jenkins declarative pipelines and execute builds in Kubernetes pods

Carlos Sanchez: Using Kubernetes for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Carlos Sanchez specializes in software automation, from build tools to Continuous Delivery following the DevOps philosophy. He has spoken at several conferences around the world, including ApacheCON, JavaOne, Fosdem,... Involved in Open Source for more than ten years, he is the author of the...

Jenkins Compared with other Tools

Jenkins vs Travis CI vs Circle CI vs TeamCity vs Codeship vs GitLab CI vs Bamboo | Takipi Blog

Why should you use a tool for your CI/CD workflow, and which one is the right tool for you? More and more engineering teams are adopting agile development, pushing for shorter and faster release cycles. Code base growth and the frequency of creating new production builds led to the rise of...

Jenkins Pipelines

Jenkins Blue Ocean and Pipelines Intro - BoxBoat Technologies

Jenkins Blue Ocean is the latest iteration of the modern Continuous Integration (CI) ecosystem from the industry standard Jenkins server. It gives a new, pipeline focused view to Jenkins jobs, while providing constant insight into each step of the process. Pipelines are a fantastic way to view...

Shared pipeline libraries in Jenkins

How to use a shared library of reusable functions in a Jenkins pipeline

Auto-Convert Freestyle Jobs to Jenkins Pipeline

Jenkins is an open source automation server

Jenkins pipeline as code unifies enterprise DevOps approach

Jenkins pipeline as code helps a higher-ed software maker unite new and legacy apps and lay the groundwork for DevSecOps.

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