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OpenStack and Kubernetes

OpenStack and Kubernetes Better Together - OpenStack Blog for VMware

Virtual machines and containers are two of my favorite technologies. In today’s DevOps driven environment, deliver applications as microservices allows an organization to provide features faster. Splitting a monolithic application into multiple portable fragments based on containers are...

Kubernetes on OpenStack: The Technical Details - Scott's Weblog - The weblog of an IT pro specializing in cloud computing, virtualization, and networking, all with an open source view

This is a liveblog of the OpenStack Summit session titled "Kubernetes on OpenStack: The Technical Details". The speaker is Angus Lees from Bitnami. This is listed as an Advanced session, so I'm hoping we'll get into some real depth in the session.

OPNFV Supports Containerized OpenStack and Kubernetes

The OPNFV Project today announced availability of its fifth platform release - Euphrates. It's the first release that delivers container integration and Kubernetes support. It gives the ability to deploy containerized OpenStack via Kolla, which provides production-ready containers and deployment...

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OpenStack, Spectre and Meltdown: What you need to know - OpenStack Superuser

The OpenStack Foundation's Thierry Carrez offers his thoughts on the security vulnerabilities dubbed "Spectre" and "Meltdown."

What you're doing with OpenStack: Top user stories - OpenStack Superuser

Here are some of our favorite user stories from 2017 -- we want to tell yours, too.

Taking the OpenStack ops manuals to the next level - OpenStack Superuser

Where there's a Wiki, there's a way says Canonical's David A. Desrosiers.

New ways to build and test additions to OpenStack - OpenStack Superuser

CloudLab, OpenLab and the OpenStack FoundationPowerful team up to improve integration testing.

OpenStack at Bloomberg - OpenStack Superuser

Chris Morgan, cloud services team leader, on disappearing documentation and upstreaming long-term support releases.

Making cities smarter with internet of things - OpenStack Superuser

How sensors and the data streaming from them are improving quality of life in the Italian city of Messina.

KubeCon scales up, sticks to script - OpenStack Superuser

AUSTIN -- More than weird, Austin greeted attendees to KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2017 with a drizzly cold snap at what, for many, is last conference of the year. The first morning keynotes tried to keep things on the sunny side with a fairly standard agenda: lots of stats, a few corny...

Carnegie Mellon's clear view on 5G cloudlets - OpenStack Superuser

Mark Shuttleworth from Canonical and Joseph Wang from Inwinstack talk about the new initiatives at Carnegie Mellon University around 5G and OpenStack.

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