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gvm - Go Version Manager

Go 1.10 is released - The Go Blog

Happy Friday, happy weekend! Today the Go team is happy to announce the release of Go 1.10\. You can get it from the download page.

Releases · golang/go · GitHub

go - The Go programming language

Eight years of Go - The Go Blog

Today we celebrate 8 years since Go was released as an open source project. During Go’s 4th anniversary, Andrew finished the post with “Here's to four more years!”. Now that we have reached that milestone, I cannot help but reflect on how much the project and ...


5 Ruby on Rails Tips You Probably Don’t Know – Hacker Noon

Since I started working with Ruby on Rails, and after several years of using it passed by, I can’t stop wondering when I discover…


ruby - Ruby Style Guide

Fast JSON API serialization with Ruby on Rails – Netflix TechBlog – Medium

by Shishir Kakaraddi, Srinivas Raghunathan, Adam Gross and Ryan Johnston


ruby - The Ruby Programming Language

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