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Chatbots - The Beginners Guide

Chatbots - The Beginners Guide - Chatbots Magazine

If you search for chatbots on Google, you'll probably come across hundreds of pages starting from what is a chatbot to how to build one. This is because we're in 2017, the year of the chatbots revolution.


Real-Time Infrastructure Monitoring with Amazon Echo

Years ago, managing your infrastructure through voice was a science-fiction movie, but thanks to virtual assistants like Alexa it becomes…

Here’s How This Chatbot Will Turn Conversations Into Revenue

RoboRecruiter, a recruitment automation tool, hopes to disrupt the staffing business with chatbots.

Botops: Manage Your Bots Using a Superbot – Chatbots Magazine

Chatbots, DevOps, ChatOps…We believe that bots are the future most-used-channel by internet users. But do we — bot developers — really…

Takeaways from Chatbot summit 2018 – Chatbots Magazine

Main insights and what to be aware of in the AI & chatbot industry in the year(s) to come



ai-chatbot-framework - A python chatbot framework with Natural Language Understanding and Artificial Intelligence.


errbot - Errbot is a chatbot, a daemon that connects to your favorite chat service and bring your tools and some fun into the conversation.


telegram-bot-sdk - 🤖 Telegram Bot API PHP SDK. Lets you build Telegram Bots easily! Supports Laravel out of the box.


SlackKit - Build Slack apps, in Swift

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