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Packaging a .Net Windows Service Application

This post will demonstrate how to package a .Net Windows service application using Habitat. A Windows service application provides some interesting challenges to Habitat packaging because the application process is ultimately controlled by the Windows Service Control Manager (SCM). It runs outside...

A Plan for Microsoft SQL Server

If you develop or support applications on Windows, chances are that you have crossed paths or even worked deeply with Microsoft's SQL Server database. In the 14 years I spent as a .Net developer, its by far the database I worked with most extensively.

Getting Started with Node & Habitat

One of the most exciting things about Habitat is how it can empower Node developers to be able to build and manage their own deployments. To that end, we will be focusing in part for the next several months on organizing and refreshing our documentation to make it as easy and approachable as...

Habitat Can Now Run in OpenShift

With the 0.53.0 release of Habitat, we're happy to announce that users can now run their Habitat-exported Docker containers on the OpenShift platform! In this post we'll show you what you need to do to run your own apps in OpenShift, as well as what prevented Habitat from running on...

Habitat and Chef

Application Automation with Habitat and Kubernetes - Chef Blog

Habitat, Chef's next generation application automation framework, provides a powerful suite of integrated capabilities in service of seamlessly and continuously building, deploying, and running your application and the services that need to run to support and scale your application across a...

Habitat container publishing to Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) - Chef Blog

Habitat Builder now supports publishing containers to Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)! Habitat Builder enables users to programmatically build, export, and publish their applications and services to container registries. Users of Habitat Builder can deliver both legacy and greenfield...

Modernizing Deployments with Chef and Habitat at Media Temple - Chef Blog

How Media Temple gets the flexibility to deploy applications wherever they want by using vendor-agnostic automation.

2017 Habitat Year in Review - Chef Blog

2017 was a dramatic year for the Habitat project. Take a few minutes to look at what 2017 held for Habitat and its community.

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