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Deploy an Amazon ECS Cluster Running Windows Server with AWS Tools for PowerShell - Part 1 | Amazon Web Services

This is a guest post from Trevor Sullivan, a Seattle-based Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS). In this blog post, Trevor shows you how to deploy a Windows Server-based container cluster using the AWS Tools for PowerShell. Building and deploying applications on the Windows Server...

AWS Cloud9 - Cloud Developer Environments | Amazon Web Services

One of the first things you learn when you start programming is that, just like any craftsperson, your tools matter. Notepad.exe isn't going to cut it. A powerful editor and testing pipeline supercharge your productivity. I still remember learning to use Vim for the first time and being able to zip...

Give Your WordPress Blog a Voice With Our New Amazon Polly Plugin | Amazon Web Services

I first told you about in late 2016 in my post Amazon Polly – Text to Speech in 47 Voices and 24 Languages. After that launch, we added support for Korean, five new voices, and made Polly available in all Regions in the aws partition. We also added whispering, speech marks, a timbre effect, and...

Amazon EC2 Bare Metal Instances with Direct Access to Hardware | Amazon Web Services

When customers come to us with new and unique requirements for AWS, we listen closely, ask lots of questions, and do our best to understand and address their needs. When we do this, we make the resulting service or feature generally available; we do not build one-offs or "snowflakes" for individual...

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Successfully Migrate to the Cloud with Chef and AWS - Chef Blog

See how to migrate to the cloud with Chef Automate and AWS. Start your cloud journey with confidence.

Docker operations slowing down on AWS (this time it's not DNS)

I'm CC'd on mails when things get slow, but never when things work as expected or are fast...oh well. Like an umpire in baseball, if we are doing our jobs, we are invisible. Subject: Docker operations slowing down I reach for my trusty haiku for this type of thing: Ah but in this scenario, it...

VMware Cloud is now live on AWS - and IT pros just did a little happy dance

When VMware announced it was partnering with AWS last fall, it turned more than a few enterprise heads. After all, we're talking about one company that dominates virtual machines on-prem, and the other in the public cloud.

Announcing new integrations with VMware on AWS - Chef Blog

We have created both knife-vcenter and kitchen-vcenter to take advantage of VMware on AWS and help drive your developers' stories. Leverage kitchen-vcenter to drive your cookbook development in AWS, and promote it to your Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). Or, use knife-vcenter to spin up...

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