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Propagating configuration from Terraform to Kubernetes Apps

Post about propagating configuration known by Terraform to applications running on a Kubernetes cluster. Using the Terraform Kubernetes provider it's easy to create Secrets and ConfigMaps on the cluster, which can be consumed by application containers.

Docker for Mac with Kubernetes support - Container Solutions

During DockerCon Copenhagen, Docker announced support and integration for Kubernetes, alongside Swarm. The first integration is in the Docker for Mac, where you can run now a 1 node Kubernetes cluster. This allows you to deploy apps with Docker-compose files to that local Kubernetes cluster via the...

Kubernetes The Hard Way Explained - Chapter 2 - Client Tools

Kelsey Hightower's tutorial is the goto place for wannabe Kubernetes administrators who want to learn the ins and outs of the platform. With the CNCF's official Kubernetes Certified Administrator programme out recently we can only expect this great resource to gain even more attention.

A Roundup of Managed Kubernetes Platforms - via @codeship

The industry for container orchestrators has progressed massively; here are a few companies offering you solutions for getting Kubernetes into production.

The Origin Story of Kubernetes

At CoreOS Tectonic Summit 2016, the premier enterprise Kubernetes event, Brendan Burns a Founder of Kubernetes, tells us the origin story of Kubernetes.

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