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Managing secrets, API keys and more with Serverless

Use Lambda environment variables and AWS Parameter Store to handle configuration in your Serverless projects

How to set up a custom domain name for Lambda & API Gateway with Serverless

With Serverless, it's easier than ever to deploy production-ready API endpoints. However, using AWS API Gateway results in odd hostnames for your endpoints. Further, these hostnames will...

Why we switched from docker to serverless

Here at ShoutOUT we've been happily operating on Amazon Web Services for years and are constantly amazed at the services that AWS introduces everyday. We had the luxury of starting our...

Serverless Aurora: What it means and why it's the future of data

AWS had their annual re:Invent conference last week (missed it? Check out our full recap). AWS Lambda started the Serverless movement by releasing Lambda at re:Invent 2014. But the Lambda...

Serverless on Slideshare

Serverless: A love hate relationship

A presentation on the advantages and disadvantages of using the "serverless" methodology in software development.

Containers vs serverless - Navigating application deployment options

IBM presentation at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention Container Day in Austin, Texas on May 9, 2017.

Serverless on Medium

Serverless: Looking Back to See Forward - Subbu's Blog

Last week, I attended an all-day CIO forum on cloud in Seattle, organized by one of Seattle's top venture fund groups. Several notable speakers and panelists spoke about their views on...

Developing serverless backends with OpenWhisk and API Gateway integrations

Part 1: IBM API Gateway As actions can be seen as flexible and independently deployable microservices they are perfectly suited to build up entirely serverless microservice backends that...

4 Steps To Secure Serverless Applications

Serverless applications remove a lot of the operational burdens from your team. No more managing operating systems or running low level infrastructure. This lets you and your team focus on...

Serverless is about Automation, not Functions - Paul Johnston - Medium

I recently spoke at ServerlessConf NYC on Managing Serverless Development. The slides are here (enjoy the cat pictures!): I had many routes down which I could take this talk (I shared my...

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