Containerized Applications With Kubernetes


Tips and tricks takes the pain out of Kubernetes deployment

There are a lot of differences between OpenStack and Kubernetes, but one thing they both share is that setting them up is far from trivial. Fortunately, the Kubernetes community seems to...

How to deploy a PostgreSQL Cluster on Kubernetes + OpenEBS

Why Postgres on Kubernetes? Well, the answer is in the question. If you are already running Kubernetes on some form of cloud, you understand the use-of-use, scalability and monitoring...

Joe Beda Explains Some of The Inner Workings of Kubernetes - Cloud Native Computing Foundation

In this blog series originally posted on Heptio, Joe Beda (CTO of Heptio and starter of Google Compute Engine, Kubernetes and Google Container Engine) dives into some of the inner workings...

Helm secrets a missing piece in Kubernetes

In this article, I'll explain how we manage secrets data at BaseCRM Kubernetes infrastructures using Helm. Our goal with Helm is to reuse parts of Helm Charts in BaseCRM Kubernetes clusters...

Kubernetes on GitHub


kitchen-kubernetes - A Test Kitchen driver for testing on top of a Kubernetes cluster.


nomad-on-kubernetes - Tutorial on running Nomad on Kubernetes.

Kubernetes on Medium

An Introduction to Extending Kubernetes with CustomResourceDefinitions

Kubernetes provides a rich set of both primitives (e.g. pods) and higher-level constructs (e.g. deployments) you can use to run your workloads. It also has a solid technical foundation,...

Introducing Argo - A Container-Native Workflow Engine for Kubernetes

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Argo Project, an open source container-native workflow engine for Kubernetes conceived at Applatix. The Applatix team is an experienced...

Container resource consumption-too important to ignore

Why indeed should you bother how much memory and CPU the containers in your Kubernetes cluster consume? Let's see what practitioners have to say on this topic: Unfortunately, Kubernetes has...

Tensorflow in Kubernetes in 88 MB - Becoming Human

Tensorflow is a beast. It deals with Machine learning algorithms, it uses Bazel to be built, it uses gRPC etc ... but let's be honest you are dying to play with Machine Learning. Come on,...

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