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Docker Official Images are now Multi-platform - Docker Blog

This past week, Docker rolled out a big update to our Official Images to make them multi-platform aware. Now, when you run `docker run hello-world`, Docker CE and EE will pull and run the...

Kubernetes 1.8 release integrates with containerd 1.0 Beta - Docker Blog

Intent of containerd effort When containerd was first developed it had two goals. The first was to solve the upgrade problem with running containers and provide a codebase where OCI...

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Jenkins Screencast Part 1: Setup Jenkins Blue Ocean with Docker - BoxBoat Technologies

In this screencast, you will learn how to configure a Jenkins Master, Jenkins Agent, install Blue Ocean, import a build from GitHub, and run tests against Docker containers in parallel....

On-Demand Environments With Docker and AWS ECS - Michael Herman

This tutorial details how to spin up reproducible, on-demand test environments with Docker, Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS), and Circle CI.

Deploy your Stateful Web Applications in Docker Swarm using Traefik Sticky Sessions - BoxBoat Technologies

The shift away from monolithic legacy applications to microservices has been long coming. The benefits of deploying your application as a microservice far outweigh any additional complexity...

Building Docker Images Without Docker - Bitnami Perspectives - Medium

Once upon a time, say ~10 years ago, some of us dealing with virtual machines used tools like kpartx or guestfs to access virtual machines root filesystem from the root disk image. This was...

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infrakit - A toolkit for creating and managing declarative, self-healing infrastructure.

[pkg-export-docker] Rewrite `hab-pkg-dockerize` as a Rust program. by fnichol · Pull Request #3213 · habitat-sh/habitat

This change introduces a new implementation of the hab-pkg-dockerize program, written in Rust as opposed to the Bash-based current implementation. It has been renamed to...


manifesto - Use Manifesto to store and query metadata for container images.

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