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Which CI/CD tool to use?

CI/CD Tools Comparison: Jenkins, GitLab CI, Buildbot, Drone, and Concourse | DigitalOcean

Continuous integration, delivery, and deployment are strategies designed to help increase the velocity of development and the release of well-tested, usable products. Continuous integration...

Tips and tricks?

Jenkins Master As a Docker Service Running Inside a Docker for AWS cluster

How can we improve Jenkins experience with Docker? Can we make it fault tolerant and mostly available? Can we deploy it without manual steps and without the usage of UI? Can we run it...

hedge-ops | Cookbook Pipeline with Jenkinsfile

Now that we have a local cookbook build ready to go, it's time to get that in a CI environment. I have been a fan of TeamCity and my friends at Chef have a d...


Contribute to credentials-plugin development by creating an account on GitHub.

Jenkins Screencast Part 3: Continuous Delivery to Kubernetes - BoxBoat Technologies

In this screencast, you will learn how to setup a Jenkins Pipeline with Continuous Delivery to Kubernetes. This is part 3/3 in our Jenkins Screencast series with the following topics: Setup...

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Parallel stages with Declarative Pipeline 1.2

Published on 2017-09-25 by Andrew Bayer After a few months of work on its key features, I'm happy to announce the 1.2 release of Declarative Pipeline! On behalf of the contributors...

Running load tests in Jenkins Pipeline with Taurus

Published on 2017-08-17 by Hannah Inman Jenkins Pipeline is an important Jenkins feature for creating and managing a project in Jenkins. This is opposed to the traditional way of creating a...

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