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Launch: Amazon Athena adds support for Querying Encrypted Data | AWS Blog

Remember to access my data in the S3 buckets from the Athena service, I must ensure that my data buckets have the correct permissions to allow Athena access each bucket and data contained therein. In addition, working with AWS KMS encrypted data requires users to have roles that include the appropriate KMS key policies.

EC2 Run Command is Now a CloudWatch Events Target | AWS Blog

ToolsSDKs, IDE Toolkits, Command Line Tools, and Developer Tools for AWS.

Classify a Large Number of Images with Amazon Rekognition and AWS Batch

Amazon Rekognition, one of the first AWS AI services, makes it easy to quickly add sophisticated deep-learning-based visual search and image classification to your applications. With the Rekognition API, you can detect objects, scenes, and faces in images, and search and compare faces.

Amazon Lex - Now Generally Available | AWS Blog

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Managing Organizational Units (OUs) - AWS Organizations

Use AWS Organizations to group and organize your AWS accounts. Organization units (OUs) enable you to treat a collection of accounts as a single entity for administration purposes.

Amazon EBS Update - New Elastic Volumes Change Everything | AWS Blog

It is always interesting to speak with our customers and to learn how the dynamic nature of their business and their applications drives their block storage requirements. These needs change over time, creating the need to modify existing volumes to add capacity or to change performance characteristics.

Serverless Reference Architectures with AWS Lambda

Building your applications with only managed components has become very popular, and AWS Lambda plays a crucial role in that. I see a tremendous interest in examples how to build such applications, and articles such as " The Serverless Start-Up - Down With Servers!" about are read eagerly around the globe.

Tutorial: Enable Your Users to Configure Their Own Credentials and MFA Settings - AWS Identity and Access Management

Configure the users in your AWS account to self-manage their own passwords, MFA devices, and credentials.

With PyWren, AWS Lambda Finds an Unexpected Market in Scientific Computing - The New Stack

A University of California-Berkeley researcher has found a new, and somewhat unexpected, use case for the Lambda serverless computing service from Amazon Web Services: scientific computing. At the Continuum Analytics' first user conference, AnacondaCON 2017, held last week in Austin Texas, Eric Jonas, a postdoctoral research student at University of California-Berkeley's AMPLab, talked about how a number of ...

Evolution of Business Logic from Monoliths through Microservices, to Functions

Update: Thanks for all the reads and feedback, a video of me talking through this idea at Microxchg in Berlin can be watched here. The whole point of running application software is to deliver business value of some sort. That business value is delivered by creating business logic and operating it so it can provide a service to some users.

Creating PDFs from HTML with AWS Lambda and API Gateway

There are quite a few cases in which we'd like to be able to output a dynamic PDF (invoices, statements, receipts, etc.) However, our experience has been that working with PDF templates and editors is fairly painful. We would instead like to be able to work with the tools we're familiar with, HTML and CSS.

Starting off with serverless - Paul Johnston - Medium

I've recently had a number of different conversations with people who are just coming to serverless technologies. It's fascinating to see how they start off approaching it. They usually pick AWS Lambda and usually do one of two things: Transfer their current paradigm into Lambda, which makes it really hard Follow a basic tutorial, which often doesn't cover the "why" of serverless (In fact, one person said that AWS Lambda is like cocaine.


kitchen-terraform - Test Kitchen plugins for testing Terraform configurations


kube-ingress-aws-controller - Configures AWS Load Balancers according to Kubernetes Ingress resources


alb-ingress-controller - Kubernetes Ingress Controller for AWS ALB

Cog Multi Pod deployment with external Postgres

Cog Multi Pod deployment with external Postgres

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