Jenkins: Tips And tricks


Delivery Pipelines, with Jenkins 2, SonarQube, and Artifactory

Published on 2017-04-18 by Michael Hüttermann Continuous Delivery and DevOps are well known and widely spread practices nowadays. It is commonly accepted that it is crucial to form great teams and define shared goals first and then choose and integrate the tools fitting best to given tasks.

Getting Started with Blue Ocean's Visual Pipeline Editor

Attend Jenkins World 2017, August 28-31 and learn more about Blue Ocean. You can attend: * August 29: Blue Ocean workshop * August 30-31: Several presentations about Blue Ocean during the conference sessions Learn more and register: ********************************************** Blue Ocean is a new user experience for Jenkins, and version 1.0 is now live!

Automating all the things - More Continuous Delivery at SVTi

Our Developer Experience vision Team autonomy is one of our most fundamental values here at SVTi. Having independent and self-responsible teams that each own distinct products works well with our organisation that is built around our different services, be it the Bolibompa app or SVT Play.

Blue Ocean 1.0 is here - and it's "more than just perking up Jenkins" - JAXenter

CloudBees' James Dumay announced the arrival of Blue Ocean in a blog post published in 2016. He acknowledged that developers have become increasingly attracted to tools which are not only functional but are also created to fit into their workflow in a seamless way.

Pipeline Development Tools

The best way to start this list is with the most recent and coolest arrival in this space: the Blue Ocean Pipeline Editor. The editor only works with Declarative Pipelines, but it brings a sleek new user experience to writing Pipelines.

Getting Started with Blue Ocean's Visual Pipeline Editor

Jenkins - Continuous Delivery for every team

A journey to Kubernetes on Azure

Infrastructure as Code Workflow __________ _________ ______________ | | | | | | | Changes | ---->| Test |----->| Deployment | |_________| |________| ^ |_____________| | ______________ | | | Validation | |_____________| _________________ ____________________ ______________ | | | | | | | Github: | | Jenkins: | | Jenkins: | | Commit trigger | ---->| Test & Validation | ---->| Deployment | |________________| |___________________| |_____________| In this approach, Jenkins is used to test, validate, and deploy our Kubernetes configuration files.


jenkins-tips-n-tricks - Tips and tricks for Jenkins users


jenkins - Jenkins automation server

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