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Chef Automate now available in the Azure Marketplace - Chef Blog

Chef and Microsoft are excited to announce the general availability of Chef Automate in the Azure Marketplace. Chef Automate partners with Microsoft Azure to give your operations, development, security and compliance teams a common platform that takes advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and reliability that Azure offers.

Integrate Chef into your Build and Release pipelines with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services - Chef Blog

Today, we are pleased to announce the first release of Chef Integration for Visual Studio Team Services , released to the Visual Studio Marketplace .

Current State Clarity, Part 4 - Chef Provisioning - Chef Blog

I spent a good portion of my career tackling provisioning problems. Chances are, if you met me at a Chef event, we probably talked about Chef Provisioning. Before diving in any further, I'd like to point out that Chef works well with just about any modern provisioning tool.

Find Better Cookbooks on the Supermarket - Chef Blog

The Chef Supermarket makes it easy to be successful with Chef through sharing the successes of a community of practitioners. Use the public Supermarket to collaborate with the community or install your own private Supermarket and collaborate with your co-workers. The Supermarket is a clearinghouse of information about tools used within the Chef ecosystem.

Upgrading to Chef Client 13 - Answers to all your questions - Chef Blog

It's great to see how much excitement there is for the upcoming release of Chef Client 13 on April 10th! We've had a bunch of questions about this release. I'll address some of the frequently asked questions here so you'll be prepared to upgrade.

Creating a local Chef repository with Pulp - Chef Blog

It's very common these days to leave part, or even your whole farm, on an air gapped environment. It will definitely make it harder for malicious visitors to gain unauthorized access, but you'll have some other things to worry about regarding the management of that infrastructure.

The Recipe for System Success: Chef + Cloud - Chef Blog

We are living in a world of constant change: companies of all sizes and in all industries are tasked with being a disruptor or being disrupted. Slow-moving enterprises which rely only on legacy technology are falling behind their competitors. So everyone is talking about digital transformation and the move to emerging technologies such as microservices, containers, virtualization and the cloud.

Test Kitchen and Chef Provisioning drivers for Azure now work in US Government and Sovereign cloud environments - Chef Blog

As an open-source maintainer one of the hardest things is getting access to relevant test environments to test your bits. Especially when that test environment is in a territory or environment you don't have access to.


ansible-dynamic-inventory-chef - An ansible dynamic inventory getting its truth about servers from a chef-api server


habdemo - Habitat 3 tier Demo using HAProxy, Tomcat, and MongoDB

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