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Contextual Chatbots with Tensorflow - Chatbots Magazine

In conversations, context is king! We'll build a chatbot framework using Tensorflow and add some context handling to show how this can be approached. Ever wonder why most chat-bots lack conversational context? How is this possible given the importance of context in nearly all conversations?

Chatbots. We are wasting away possibly the most effective weapon in our arsenal.

Last night I asked someone one simple question: What do you know about chatbots? Their response was, "It's just a computer program designed to help individuals ( customers) without the burden of having a customer service team". That response was both right, and wrong.

Why Chatbots Are the Future of Big Data - Jay - Medium

Almost exactly a year ago, Facebook launched the Messenger Platform, allowing developers to create their own chatbots. For many people that was the first time they had even heard of chatbots, but Facebook and others now proclaimed them as 'the next big thing', conversational assistants that would revolutionize how businesses communicate with their customers.

How to Build a Bot? Top 10 Best Chatbot Platform Tools to Build Chatbots for Your Business

According to Business Insider, 80% of companies want to use chatbots by 2020. And why wouldn't they? Customers want to use some best chatbot to experience 24/7 support, and almost every other person prefers chat over email and phone. Chatbots seem like the obvious answer.

Build custom Alexa skills with Azure Logic Apps or Microsoft Flow

OK Google, how many new users did we get in our product yesterday? Alexa, swap back production and staging slots. Hey Cortana, send my SharePoint documen...

Introducing the Alexa Skills Kit Built in Library Offering Developers Hundreds of New Voice Interactions (Developer Preview)

David Isbitski Update December 7, 2016: Today we announced the US preview of our new Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) built-in library is available to developers. Learn more > A year and a half ago, we released the Alexa Skills Kit, and we've seen developers are eager to build skills and learn to build voice experiences.

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