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Why Kubernetes or How Giant Swarm Builds Infrastructure

Giant Swarm's goal is to build the simplest platform to professionally host your distributed applications. In pursuing this goal for the last few years we have worked with a lot of technologies in production and tested even more. From this...

Containers, Docker, and Kubernetes Part 2

In Part 1 of this series I touched on containers, Docker, and how these techonologies are rapidly redefining operations and infrastructure across the industry. However, just knowing about containers and Docker isn't enough to know how to apply these technologies to your stack.

Hybrid Kubernetes

RackN has a community focused Kubernetes approach that seeks to leverage upstream code rather than maintaining custom installation scripts. Our supported Kubernetes uses community maintained Kargo Ansible Playbooks managed by Digital Rebar. By working with upstream communities, RackN brings customers the benefits of shared experiences. As the community learns, you benefit.

Setting up a Highly Available Kubernetes Cluster with private networking on AWS using Kops

This is the first post in a series of Kubernetes and Kubernetes Operations (Kops) related blog posts. The purpose of this series is to provide a guide to setting up a production ready Kubernetes environment on AWS. There exists lots of options to accomplish this; among others, Techtonic, Kismatic, StackPoint

Kubernetic - The Kubernetes Desktop Client

Kubernetic is a brand new Desktop Client for Kubernetes that lets developers and ops manage their Kubernetes cluster(s) through a UI interface in a very simple way.

Day 11 - Going from local Docker-compose to Kubernetes

Written by: Sebastien Goasguen (@sebgoa) Edited by: Daniel Kang (@kangman) In this Sysadvent blog we will look at a neat tool called kompose which is part of the Kubernetes incubator. Kompose lets you go easily from Docker-compose application manifests to Kubernetes.


oreilly-kubernetes - O'Reilly Online Training for Kubernetes


cog-helm - A Helm chart to deploy Cog on Kubernetes


artifactory-docker-examples - Examples for using Artifactory Docker distribution in various environments

Kubernetes Third-Party Resource Users

Kubernetes Third-Party Resource Users

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