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What is OpenStack? The Basics, Part 1

OpenStack. In an increasingly cloud-obsessed world, you've probably heard of it. Maybe you've read it's "one of the fastest growing open source communities in the world," but you're still not sure what all the hype is about.

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To continue improving the quality of the content at the Summit, the OpenStack Foundation will be extending invitations directly to a small number of highly regarded speakers from past events for each track.

OpenStack® Releases Ocata

The OpenStack community has released Ocata, the 15th version of the most widely deployed open source infrastructure software. The Ocata release cycle was a one-time, shorter cycle focused on stabilization, including scalability and performance of the core compute and networking services.

OpenStack Private Cloud is Doing Just Fine - SUSE Blog | SUSE Communities

Sometimes you have to dig beneath the surface of headlines to understand what's really going on. I guess that's one thing most of us have learned in recent months. Sometimes you need some careful analysis to get to the real story. It seems like that's as true in the IT world as it is with tabloid ...

Why is RackN advancing OpenStack on Kubernetes?

Yesterday, RackN CEO, Rob Hirschfeld, described the remarkable progress in OpenStack on Kubernetes using Helm ( article link). Until now, RackN had not been willing to officially support OpenStack deployments; however, we now believe that this approach is a game changer for OpenStack operators even if they are not actively looking at Kubernetes.

Beyond Expectations: OpenStack via Kubernetes Helm (Fully Automated with Digital Rebar)

RackN revisits OpenStack deployments with an eye on ongoing operations. I've been an outspoken skeptic of a Joint OpenStack Kubernetes Environment (my OpenStack BCN preso, Super User follow-up and BOS Proposal) because I felt that the technical hurdles of cloud native architecture would prove challenging.

How Kubernetes on OpenStack powers DreamHost's new web builder - OpenStack Superuser

When it comes to establishing a web presence, many small businesses really just need simple, great-looking web pages. They don't have the time or the interest to learn how to use complicated site-building tools. To address this need, DreamHost developed Remixer, an easy-to-use graphic interface to build websites quickly and easily.

How Moved to Kubernetes from OpenStack, one of China's largest e-commerce companies, recently shared their experience in adopting Kubernetes to evolve to an application container based infrastructure from an OpenStack-managed IaaS one. The move, that also includes an in-house component for networking, improved resource utilization by 30%.

Mirantis OpenStack 9.2 Boosts NFV Performance and Streamlines Operations

Many of Mirantis' largest customers are telcos using OpenStack for NFV, and in the new Mirantis OpenStack 9.2 release , we build upon the NFV features introduced in version 9.0 to better support high-performance and large-scale VNF deployments.

Containers on the CERN Cloud - OpenStack Superuser

We have recently made the Container-Engine-as-a-Service (Magnum) available in production at CERN as part of the CERN IT department services for the LHC experiments and other CERN communities. This gives the OpenStack cloud users Kubernetes, Mesos and Docker Swarm on demand within the accounting, quota and project permissions structures already implemented for virtual machines.

Bouncing Back To Private Clouds With OpenStack

Timothy Prickett Morgan There is an adage, not quite yet old, suggesting that compute is free but storage is not. Perhaps a more accurate and, as far as public clouds are concerned, apt adaptation of this saying might be that computing and storage are free, and so are inbound networking within a region, but moving data across regions in a public cloud is brutally expensive, and it is even more costly spanning regions.

How to set up your work environment to become an OpenStack developer - OpenStack Superuser

Although there are developer and wiki guides on how to get started with OpenStack, I have found them bit overwhelming as a beginner. After reading various docs and asking for help from my mentor, who is a core contributor in OpenStack, I came up with the following easy-to-follow guide.

Neutron Quality of Service in OpenStack |

Quality of Service (QoS) refers to the overall performance of a network and is used in telephony and computer networks to describe the customer's experience with the network. The most straightforward way of guaranteeing a good quality of service to the end user is to over provision the network.

FlexPod Datacenter with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Design Guide

FlexPod Datacenter with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Design Guide

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