Docker: Useful Tips


Habitat and Docker - Chef Blog

Everyone knows how to Docker, right? Here is a typical scenario below. # Build an Image (docker) $ docker build -t bdangit/helloworld . # Run an Image (docker) $ docker run bdangit/helloworld Here is how we can do it with Habitat.

What Kubernetes on Azure Means for Users and Docker - Container Journal

Valentine's Day has come and gone, but Microsoft is continuing to shower the Docker community with love. The company recently announced official support for Kubernetes on Azure Container Service, a move that gives customers more choice and adds color to the Microsoft-Docker partnership. In a blog post published Feb.

Docker Challenges and Misconceptions - via @codeship

Previously, we discussed the main reasons why Docker can be useful to the enterprise. So why aren't all large companies using Docker already? A large part of the reason are the misconceptions surrounding Docker. We'll touch on four of them in this post before we wrap up with some suggestions about how to move forward with Docker at the enterprise level.

Running Docker containers as non root

Running containers as root is a bad practice, but many Docker images available in the Docker Hub have the user set to root by default, so what can we do about it? TL;DR Use -u 65534 -w /tmp -e _JAV...

Playing Catch-up with Docker and Containers

This article is essentially a guide to getting started with Docker for people who, like me, have a strong IT background but feel a little behind the curve when it comes to containers. We live in an age where new and wondrous technologies are being introduced into the market regularly.

Run Nginx proxy in Docker container for HTTP/2

This is a really quick write-up on how I've been running HTTP/2 on my server for the last 2 months, despite having an OS that doesn't support OpenSSL 1.0.2. It uses a Docker container to run Nginx, built on the latest Alpine Linux distribution. This has a modern OpenSSL built-in without extra work.

Golang and Docker 1.13 on your Raspberry Pi

This post is a quick for getting a Golang development environment set up on your Raspberry Pi with Docker 1.13. Golang is a compiled language which has many advantages on the Raspberry Pi over slower interpreted languages. Since many popular projects now build their solutions in Go it opens up a wide range of cool projects to the Pi.

Java inside docker: What you must know to not FAIL

Many developers are (or should be) aware that Java processes running inside Linux containers ( docker, rkt, runC, lxcfs, etc) don't behave as expected when we let the JVM ergonomics set the default values for the garbage collector, heap size, and runtime compiler.

Extending OpenWhisk to the IoT Edge with Node-RED, Docker and

Edge analytics is becoming increasingly popular in IoT applications, addressing the needs to process data close to the source. However, the experience of developing and operating applications running on IoT devices and gateways is lagging behind the modern methods and tools available in cloud computing - such as the Docker toolchain or the Function-as-a-Service ('serverless ') paradigm.

Using Minio with Docker Registry and Digital Ocean - overengineered

First, let me introduce Minio. Minio is an S3 compatible single tenant distributed storage backend. I've adopted Minio in multiple projects and will have other stories on them later. Using Minio allows us to store the data on multiple disks. Minio can use it's own erasure algorithm to store files across a cluster of disks and nodes.

Secrets and LIE-abilities: The State of Modern Secret Management (2017)

I consult for a living. Among other things I help guide teams through some pretty nuanced tech decisions. If you ask me what service orchestration platform I'd suggest you adopt I'd ask you a series of important questions about your team, your workload, and your development and production environments.

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